Players celebrate a goal on October 9th at the Jockey Stadium in Mantar. Photo: Twitter @ 9deOctubrefc.

That 9th of October is no moreIn the South American Cup. In the absence of a date, he bid farewell to the tournament on the night of May 17, 2022, with a 2-3 goal loss to Guerrina in Joachim de Manta.

Dr. scored the first goal of the match Mauro da Luz in seven minutes Match start. Experienced left-wing winger Giovanni Nazareno created the play.

His center found the Uruguayan chief who attached it to change his direction, leaving goalkeeper Ruben Escobar without any reaction.

The tie comes after 52 minutes from the penalty spot
. Mario Otazu did not forgive and put 1-1 on the scoreboard. In the previous game, goalkeeper Jorge Pinos scored a penalty against Paraguay striker Cesar Vilgra. The central judge, without hesitation, ordered the maximum punishment.

Pinos’ presentation was not his best. Two false starts put his team’s defensive block in jeopardy. He was booked in the 85th minute For a strong foul against an opponent, when he goes away from his goal to reject a ball.

Again the transient inequality for the tour Otaju did it in 62 minutes, With a title that again left Pinos without a response.

The changes made by Juan Carlos Leon affected the match. Eder Setre recently admitted that Danny Lunar had recovered a ball that had stopped at his feet. ‘Let’s go’ gave the result of the ball Panamanian Alfredo Stephens who made the final 2-2 decree.

When it seemed that the tie was decreed, 2-3 came through Mitón Maciel at 90 + 5.

The Paraguayans rely on themselves to qualify for the Round of 16. They reach 9 points, equal to Inter, but are separated by +3 goals for Porto Alegre and +2 for Villarrica.

The next date is set for Tuesday, May 26th. The Inter Beira got ‘Super 9’ in Rio. On the same day, Madeleine Atanasio will receive Girardte Guerrero. Both games are scheduled for 7:30 pm.

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