AMC has approved the misuse of LUAE in various organizations in the city. Photo: Twitter @amcquito

About 250 uniformed national police officers and members Pichincha Municipality Participated Control operation Conducted across the Metropolitan District of Quito on Friday night, May 20, 2022 and early May 21.

Washington marry men, the mayor of the province, reported that 35 operations had been carried out in all the regional administrations As a result, 102 installations were controlled and an 23 quotes and six off, Lack of permission for most reasons. In addition, two have been suspended Secret parties.

They visited the Eugenio Espejo administration, north of Quito Billiards, discos and liquor stores And a quote was issued for the consumption of alcoholic beverages in an unauthorized premises for the sale of alcohol. They also withdrew libators15 bottles of liquor without stamps and 30 packs of prohibited cigarettes.

In the area, a Discotheque Where an unauthorized public event was intended to take place.

In its parish Pifo A licensing control operation was conducted on 10 premises, three of which did not have the relevant permits.

In the historic center, as part of the project Safe nightEstablishments were found where artisan liquor was sold, some without SRI stamps and prohibited cigarettes.

Uniforms are off Liquor store In industry Pick up For not having permission. Also, people were drinking inside the courtyard. Four bottles of tequila were seized and two summons were issued as there was no SRI stamp. In addition to the area a Volleyball court Where 40 alcoholics have been evicted.

13 commissioners and 35 analysts of Intendancy took part in the operation. Also, staff from the Metropolitan Control Agency.

Cassamen reminded the public that although this is not mandatory Use of maskIt is recommended to use in closed places and when you are near strangers in areas without much ventilation.

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