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Okuda San Miguel, a Spanish artist who left his mark in Quito

Spanish street artist Ocuda San Miguel poses in front of a mural of ‘Multicultural Freedom Statue’ in New York. Photo:

Oscar San Miguel Eris Better known as Okuda San Miguel East in the art world Painter, sculptor and designer The Spanish have left their mark on the wall Historic center of Quito.

The work of an artist who has become a standard starting from writing on the wall Modern street art Those who saw his new mural did not leave indifferent May 24 Boulevard.

Profession for industry

Okuda was born earlier 42 years Santander, a small town near Madrid, Spain. From an early age he showed interest and talent in art.

He grew up in a lower-class neighborhood, where his parents once ran a bar, when he was involved with graffiti as a form of street expression.

In 2007, he began studying at the Complete University of Madrid School of Fine Arts. It was there that a connection was established between street art and the work of a writer that began to develop in his studio.

A personal style

Okuda has created a style that has a constant dialogue Street art and academic concepts. His work, which was initially displayed in factories and abandoned buildings, began to gain recognition.

Focus on his most recognized work Large format works Including its statistics Geometric melodies mixed with organic shapes Which usually gain volume with an intense color palette.

This combination took his work out of its own iconographic language, making it a reference to Spanish. Pop Surrealism.

His work raises concerns about existentialism, the conflict between the universe and freedom in the social environment, which shows The conflict between modernity and tradition.

Okuda on earth

Its large murals and street sculptures are available Parks and squares In the city Everyone.

  • ‘Where is Okuda’ (2020). This large mural is located across the front of the Fuenlabrada Town Hall Spain, As part of a project of the Great Museum of Urban Art in this city. The play features characters from popular cultures such as Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob and the famous Pikachu.
A mural titled ‘Where’s Okuda from Spain’. Photo:
  • ‘Multicultural Freedom Statue’ (2019). It is a tribute to the multiculturalism, art and color of the city New York. Through textures, typography, and hybrid characters created with city animals and elements, Okuda tells a story about diversity and street art.
A mural titled ‘Multicultural Freedom Statue’ in the United States. Photo:
  • ‘Inca-Fight’ (2019). Okudar first mural in Peru Occupies the cultural center of Spain in Lima. Inspired by Andean culture, its goddess transforms Inca women into shamans, birds, and multicolored llamas.
A mural titled ‘Imka-Pendencia’ in Peru. Photo:
  • ‘Flag of Independence’ (2019). In August 2019, more than 60 international artists took part in the Urban Morphogenesis Festival in Odinstovo, Moscow. Among them, Okuda painted a 22-story facade, bringing to life an interesting variety of murals painted in less than a week.
A mural titled ‘Flags of Freedom’ in Russia. Photo:
  • ‘Balance Wall’ (2018). In partnership with the Steps Initiatives charity, Okuda painted his longest mural to date on a 23-story wall. Inspired by the indigenous community, the artist created a colorful celebration of diversity and nature in Toronto, Canada.
A mural titled ‘Equilibrium Mural’ in Canada. Photo:
  • ‘The New Mona Lisa’ (2017). The 13th Arrondissement of Paris, in collaboration with Buy Night Gallery, is home to this huge mural. The city pays homage to Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpieces ParisWhere it takes place.
A mural titled ‘The New Mona Lisa’ from France. Photo:

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