Local palm oil production also declined due to bud blight. Photo: The Trade

The Increase From Price Of different products Food Encourages Families Your rearrangement Budget. An alternative to this Save Planning Shopping And swallow Local material.

The Monthly inflation In April of 2022, compared to last March, it was 0.59%. However, the annual rate, compared to the fourth month of 2021, reached 2.89%. About it Last year’s highest rate.

However, the government indicates that there is inflationary pressures arising from the war between Russia and Ukraine. This month, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Simon Cueva, assured that because of this decision Economic policy Adopted and “critical financial management”.

Anyway, d Food Department It was the second highest inflation in April.

Growing cooking oil

In this group, Vegetable oil Those were the ones who pushed the most Height Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate, if there are only a few Essential input In the kitchen.

Daniela Zapata, who goes shopping at her home in Quito’s Central Market every 15 days, said she now uses less oil in her diet because High price.

Like other users, the consumer decided to change the brand to find out Price Cheap. It also chooses to carry small oils. All this with the goal of reaching Budget Shopping.

The sellers are also worried about this Increase. Marcela Morales, who works inside Central Market, reported that oil prices rose by about USD 1.20. For now, he says he maintains the standards of many, as those products are not finished yet. However, he added that suppliers have already told him that Sunflower oil In the next installment it will go from USD 4.20 to USD 6.

How to take care of the family budget in the midst of rising prices?

According to experts, there are options to keep Family budget Before Increase From Recorded priceMainly food.

Bertha Romero, a personal finance specialist at the Tus Finanzas program, noted that it is important for families to review their monthly budgets. It analyzes monthly income and expenditure.

If the prescribed amount for food is increased, experts recommend evaluating Bill That’s not them Required Y. Constant, Such as fun outings or meals away from home. For this those resources will be transferred Extra cost Which are now registered.

The fact that it can not be cut General cost, There are options to optimize the budget for food. George Cadena, couch and Financial advisor, Indicating that you may choose to purchase local products. Imported inputs are now more expensive due to inflation and the logistical crisis.

There are also differences depending on where specific items are purchased. For example, Cadena recommends buying fruits and vegetables at grocery stores or markets; In Supermarket May be more expensive for Packaging.
It is vital that in any case, people plan their food purchases on a weekly basis to calculate their budget and stay within it.

Expert Bertha Romero also suggests that families get together and buy in bulk, as this way they can get lower prices.

Additionally, you can search for specific eating options Products In small quantities. Instead of frying food, you can cook or bake it, thus avoiding wastage of oil. In addition, it will have a long-term effect on the adoption of healthy habits, which will ultimately represent lower health costs, notes George Cadena.


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