Santiago Garderas, Mayor of Quito, during a message to the citizens. Photo: Capture

Mayor of Quito, Santiago GarderasIssued a new message to citizens on June 24, 2022 at 8:31 p.m.

Through his official Twitter account, Garderes indicated that Municipality During this 12-day national strike, it “worked on strategies to ensure supply Government service“To the citizens of the capital.

Such services Water supplyGarbage collection, market supply, municipal transport and road cleaning require extended transition to the days of social solidarity.

“There is not a single company whose union, through its workers, has called off the strike. “What they’re saying is we’re defending Quito,” he said in an interview with FM Mundo.

According to Guarderas, municipal officials They did their job Despite the fact that they have to walk, ride bicycles or even ride in truck buckets to reach their workplace due to obstacles in the way of protests.

The mayor made a new call from the office Dialogue and peace. Stop protests and violent activities. And the famous ‘Caserlojo’ every day from 21:00.

He further hinted that “every hour that is cut, there are billionaire losses in the economic part: business, tourism, shops, markets have been affected because unfortunately, these groups go, threaten them and force them to shut down.”

The places have already been identified by the national police. There are three neighborhoods from the north and three more neighborhoods from the south of #Quito. Https://

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