Celia Sevalos was present on her premises in the El Dorado sector. His suppliers told him they could not reach his sector due to lack of safety for road traffic in Quito. Diego Ortiz / Ilcomarcio

Its owners Shop north-center of Quito They focus on trucks crossing the city.

After being unemployed for 10 days, they feel Product shortage Like milk, cheese, eggs and even beer, so reaching out to a truck-distributor is expected to continue their active sales.

Marisela works in a small shop in the Chamorro sector Tola. This Wednesday, June 22 morning, he was able to buy some cheese from a supplier who was visiting the sector.

For her, that USD 25 of product could help her continue supplying dairy products until the weekend. “They were supposed to arrive on Monday, but they told me the drivers were afraid their windshields would break or their trucks would open,” he said.

In the Itchimbia sector, on the other hand, Celia Sevalos You haven’t received any products since the weekend. As of noon on June 22, he had only a handful of cheese in his store, the chicken had already disappeared, he didn’t know if the beer truck would leave and the eggs were a gold commodity.

Your supplier Eggs He told them they could not get the goods because the protesters did not allow them to enter their communities. The result is a Empty bucket pile That rests in one corner of his shop. This newspaper was with the distributors in the La Floresta sector, but it was an unsuccessful trip.

Egg shortage is also felt in Gonzalez Sewerage sector. There, Santiago Montenegro appears in the store for the moment when his boss went out one Supermarket Wholesale Products See if I can get some perishable, meat, beer and soft drinks.

The situation is similar in the Las Cassas sector. Over there Marcelo Andred And his wife has a shop a few blocks from Major Seminary. They take the opportunity to go on weekends Ophelia Buy some vegetables and lemons, which ran out this Wednesday afternoon.

They usually went on Thursdays Wholesale market“But I’m not going to take that much risk; In that case, I prefer to keep my store closed for a few days until I can see what happens, “said Andred. They didn’t even have water and soft drinks, so they chose to go to a wholesale supermarket to stock up. They know it’s not the best option, but they prefer to earn a few cents instead of running out of customers at this point.

List of supermarket plans

“This product is running out of stock.” “A few units”. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

Encountering logistics problems, Aunt supermarket chain Choose to purchase from local manufacturers, transfer products to the wholesale market, shop or take suppliers directly to the premises.

This is the process of not relying on him 100% distribution center. On a national scale, they have 10 stores closed and 17 partially operational.

Product shortages are also felt in the premises of other chains. As of 8:00 pm on June 22, Corporación Favorita, one of the largest chains, has not yet made a statement on how it is handling the situation.

In its e-commerce app, products like eggs were listed as out of stock for certain brands and presentations.

Due to the national strike, the public health system and IESS patients are unable to attend their scheduled appointments. This way you can reschedule the shift. Https://bit.ly/3HRUvOr

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