Guayaquil’s drinking water concessionaire, Intergua, is working to expand tanks north of Guayaquil. Meanwhile, it has announced cuts to work scheduled for Thursday, June 2 and Friday, June 3, 2022. Photo: Courtesy Intergua

The Intergua clearance Declaration a Drinking water service disrupted Which will extend for 20 hours over vast areas north and south of Guayaquil. Service outages begin this Thursday, June 2 at 9:00 pm and are expected to end Friday, June 3, 2022 at 5:00 pm.

Intergua said in a statement that Obstacles Responds to scheduled work on a 1,800-millimeter water. It is about rehabilitation work in water bodies at the height of urbanization Lake CapeiraLocated at 23 kilometers Via dowel.

Related 80 sectors Come in The neighborhood, The cooperative and the perimeter will be left without service to the north, for which the company asked to take the forecast. However, services will be disrupted in more than 30 sectors south of the city.

The lack of schools and colleges in the north Alternative supplies (Advanced reservoir or cistern) decided Dismiss class This Friday face, due to lack of fluid.

The cut will affect users AmaguyaDrinking Water and Sewerage Services Company Lace (Sambrondon) Y Aurora (To give) But in these parishes connected to Guayaquil, the suspension will last 25 hours, because it is the Intergua itself that supplies the Amague water.

Affected sectors in the north

  • Alborada Stages 13 and 14, Bastion Popular, Blocks 1 to 11, Donna Bertha, Abdon Calderon, Juancavilka Ciudad del Norte, Los Rosales, Valle de los Geranius, Bosques del Saman, Los Virgels, July 24, 5 Montalvo, La Gaviota, Ebans, El Bosque, Elo Alfaro, Estrella de Belen, Hemerita Valencia, Nueva Esperanza, Juan Bautista, Julio Cartagena, Los Fernসs, Los Shiris, Lucasadores del Norte, Lুজs de la Norte, Civic Union, God’s Will, Owners’ Union and El Trouble.
  • Ficoa de Montalvo, Guayacanes, Km. 24 via Daule, Luchadores 8 May, Metropolis I, Paquisha, Pascuales, 2 October, Assad Bucaram, 4 March, Carlos Magno Andrade, Concordia, Social Justice, Mucho lot (all stages), Samanes (all stages), Beta Mercedes Molina, Estrella del Mar, Rio Sol, La Carolita, Las Orquidias, Los Geranios, Pazaro Azul. Country features Cerro Colorado, La Muralla, Los Ranchos, Agrícola la Germania, Lores with Alegria service blocks 2, 3 and 7, December 5 Lotization, San Vicente Lotization. Venues: Las Mercedes, Jose Oberoi and New Jerusalem.

Affected sector in the south

  • Jaime Toral, Esmeraldas Libre, Las Malvinas, Los Claveles, Asad Bukaram, The Fortress of IES, Naval Sur, July 25, The Fortress of Journalists, Juancavilka, Maran Valvarde, Citadel of the Master, Las Acacias, Cicadas, Guangalas, May, Los Asteros, Santa Monica, Fertisa, Las Tejas, Los Jardins, Santiago Roldos, Popular Fragata, Good Friday, Nelson Mandela, Jacobo Bucaram, Los Olivos, Valdivia, Los Nouasia, Los Terinasia, .

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