By Amoto Ndiewo

August 9th 2022 will be the first in recent years that Kenyan teachers will go into the ballot without any assurance of a better pay.

According to the nominated MP and former KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion, this is so because the current KNUT leadership led by Collins Oyuu has neglected the teachers.

“History has shown, the government only understands the language of strikes, bricks and mortar,’’ said the fiery and combatant former KNUT SG gunning for senatorial seat in Bomet County.

He goes on to justify that in 1997, teachers held a 12 day picket and ended up getting 150 to 200 per cent salary increment which was to be paid in five instalments. Unfortunately only one instalment was paid.

In 2002, on advent to power, President Mwai Kibaki promised to pay the balance of the remaining four.

In 2008, after the treacherous disputed 2007 polls, the teachers were back on the streets picketing.

“It earned all teachers a ten per cent pay hike and in 2013, when President Uhuru rose to power, he paid Sh13.5 billon to teachers in one tranche backdated to July 1st of 2012. On getting his second term, he also gave them Sh54 billion in 2017  which was to be paid in five instalments,’’ said Sossion.

“In that respect, 2022 will be the first time that teachers  will vote minus any assurance of a better pay package , thanks  to KNUT being in bed with the government,’’ said Sossion.

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