No one has called for an indefinite strike in June, the exact date will be announced on May 24. Photo: Capture

Leonidas IsaPresident of the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador (No), This Friday May 20, 2022 Cotopaxi announced a call for one Indefinite mobility Against the Guillermo Lasso government in June.

“We’re going for one Indefinite mobilityWhich we will coordinate with all popular sectors (…) against the policy Neo-liberal government“Iza has spoken out against a resolution of the extended council that met in Latakunga this Friday.

The exact date for the start of the union will be announced May 24On the same day, the President said William Lasso The National Assembly will present its report to the nation. The No It will also issue a parallel report from the Ecuadorian House of Culture.

Other resolutions

The extended council has decided to do a job Legal agenda These include water law, communes law, land law, prior and informed consultation, communications law, as well as regulations for other initiatives arising from the base, Iza said.

In addition, they will monitor the new construction work Water law Through eight events at the zonal level in three regions of the country. No one made this arrangement for its part, when the government began the process of creating an organic law project for the integrated management of water resources from 3 May.

They called for its bench Five-legged To get the support of the minority report on the biological law project of communication presented by MLA Salvador Maita.

They also called for the ideological and political unity of Pachakutik and the structure of the main organizations of the tribal movement.

As a fifth point, Konai decides to support National Union of Educators Leading the hunger strike, as well as the producer sector.

They refuse. ” Political persecution The agencies set up by the government of Guillermo Lasso to cover the inefficiency of its management in responding to the great needs of the people of Ecuador, “said Iza. So they demanded the independence of the leaders of the so-called Gevarist movement.

Similarly, no one denies that they consider government interference in the Secretariat of the People and Nationality. They accuse its owner, louis pachalaPresumably to divide the domestic organizational structure.

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