More than 600 residents of the neighborhood Gates of the Sun 2 of KarapungoLocated in the extreme north of Quito, there are fears that their homes will be affected by the turbulent terrain.

Creek WagonWhich crosses the sector and is part of the river basin The nunSo much has been harvested that the house could collapse at any moment.

Stephanie PabonPresident of the group Fight for the canyonRemember that Creek erosion Starting in 2004 When a collector that the Potable Water Company had placed on a slope in the gorge exploded. “Since then, it has begun to expand rapidly.”

Earlier we could have crossed it, but now there is more than 25 meters of space and more than 30 meters depth, ”he said.

The Your backyard He went to the valley on October 20, 2021. Municipal authorities told him that in the meantime Options Their home will be confiscated and in return the family will receive USD 8,000 for the house.

“It simply came to our notice then. The value does not represent that it is assessed by the municipality, ”said Pawan.

Another area of ​​concern for residents is the sector, across the gorge C-cartPlots are being made for 880 new properties, although the land is being shaken and eroded.

Angel MontalvanA resident of the sector recalled that in October 2021, more than 100 houses along the gorge were declared state of emergency due to the risk of their collapse.

Municipality project

On October 14, 2021, Quito Municipality Distributes USD 2 million to municipal public company for drinking water and sanitation (epmaps) To intervene in the creek Wagon.

They Two projects That Epmaps has planned for this sector, however Work will just begin In August of this year.

Through the Interceptor project, wastewater will be collected and disposed of in an area where there is no home.

The goal of the Bortis project is to restore the bay to its normal state without affecting the neighbors.

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