Culture and family building Nicole Vega Will fall in love Regional Mexican. He presents her in the keynote of this traditional rhythm New single The title is Mannequin.

The song speaks of a relationship in which a man is involved They have lost the power of love And becomes cold like dolls.

“When a woman lacks attention and her partner’s love is disturbed and eventually she will find someone who shows true affection,” the artist said, referring to the lack of love. Women’s side.

Although the song speaks of a romantic relationship, Nicole explains the idea Dissatisfaction It can spread to other situations, even in the family.

A video that reflects the heartbreak

The Video An unexpected love puts this concept in the image which makes it cool and crystal clear.

The Audiovisual Focuses on Explanation Nicole, who appears in a room where a man appears without voice or movement, as if he were a doll.

The production was done MadeleineColumbia, produced by One Concept and directed by Dario Barbano.

Ambassador of Latin Culture to the United States

Nicole was born Angels, California, but its roots are deeply Latino. Born to a Salvadoran mother and a Mexican father, he grew up around Latin film and music artistSuch as Lola Beltrán, Los Ángeles Azules, Jose Alfredo Jimenez or Pedro Infante.

As a child, he developed a tendency for Song, dance, modeling, acting, But at the age of 17, Nicole had to make an important decision about her future. Finally decided to jump Totally to the music And made his debut in the music scene under the name of his birth.

This is not the first time this has been compared Selena Quintanilla. “We share the same history, Latinos who grew up in the United States, as well as artists who bet on music in Spanish instead of English,” he says.

A record is on the way

Mannequin is his first preview of what will happen The first record production. An EP by it Four songs Called ‘unfortunate’.

As the title of the album suggests, part of the album’s songs are associated with a kind of drama that revolves around Toxic relationship.

Although the songs stem from a negative experience, that’s what drives Nicole into music Power What he sees in the women around him is his mother, sister and friends.

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