Photo courtesy of the Miraflores Palace Press Office on May 23, 2021, showing Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro during a government law in Caracas (Venezuela). Photo: EFE

The United States became his Relations with Venezuela. Following tough economic sanctions and blockades on oil extraction and sales, Joe Biden’s government announced plans to relax some measures.

The Venezuelan rule He celebrated the relief and said he was ready to walk away from lifting the ban altogether. Nicolas Maduro has gone further Travel to North American countries For a special occasion.

Why does Maduro want a visa?

In his radio program, La Hora de la Salsa y la Allegria, Maduro rejoiced at the door that was opened for him to set foot on American soil again.

“I am applying for my visa to return to New York for the Puerto Rican Salsa Festival.”Revealed to viewers. He added that he was already preparing to attend a concert with his wife on June 11.

“Celia and I are going straight to New York. They are waiting for me in New York. I really like New YorkI know New York very well, I’ve driven a lot of cars in New York, “he said.

In addition, he took the opportunity to recall a surprise from the Big Apple: Little Italy, where a restaurant fascinated him. “They sell some great spaghetti there … and Chinatown, and Manhattan … I used to spend it on the streets of New York.”

After his brief recollection in the best American style, he sent a greeting to all Americans. “We love the United States of America. For the United States, all we have is love and that is how we will move forward, “he concluded.

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