Nicolas Lapente has expressed his interest in running for mayor of Guayaquil in the 2023 following divisional elections. Photo: Archive / EL COMERCIO

Former Prefect of Guas Nicholas Lapenti Tuesday, May 17, 2022 showed his intention to participate as Candidate A Mayor From Guayaquil For the Christian Social Party (PSC) Make sure you have Support That political grouping base.

Lapenti said a final decision would be made in the next few days and that PSC leaders would be notified. That is what the former officer said Active In politics and excluded a Lifting.

Last week, this group presented Six nominations A. Mayor From different cantons Guas. However, the name of the person who will be the standard bearer of PSC for the office of the mayor of Guayaquil has not been revealed.

“I’m already perfect, I want to be the mayor of Guayaquil,” Lapenti told reporters. The politician noted that he would abide by whatever his party decided.

According to party insiders, Mayor Cynthia Viteri will have the first option of seeking a second term in the Olmedor chair. Since being elected in 1992, the PSC has held the city mayor’s office Leon Fabres Cordero. Missing former president replaces Jaime NebotAnd to him, Viteri.

Range of options

Lapente added his name to the list of candidates Mayor of Guayaquil. Former governor of Guas Dr. is in competition Peter Paul Duarte And the former prefect Jimmy Zerala.

Duarte, like Lapente and Viteri, also had a socio-Christian background Lenin Moreno government. He left the post Foundation Those who have visited the surrounding area to talk about security and Self management.

Jayalalithaa, on his part, expressed his desire to run for mayor at a conference of his party. The center of democracy. He did not specify what he would keep Alliance With correism Or it will run in a separate lane.

Ecuador will vote next month February 2023 Select departmental authorities such as mayor and prefect.

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