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NGOs condemn that 350,000 children in Africa could die of malnutrition

Archive image of extreme drought at Knockweba Dam in South Africa. Photo: EFE.

More than five and a half lakhs Kids They have Risk From Acute malnutrition In its territory Horn of AfricaAccording to the NGO Oxfam Intermon Y. Save the children In his last report Dangerous delay2So they warn that 350,000 children could die this summer if the international community does not take action.

“10 years ago, 135,000 children died in a similar crisis,” Frank Cortada, director general of Oxfam Interman, explained this Wednesday, May 18, 2022. In addition, he recalled that eventually “almost twice as many died, most of them under 5 years of age.”

In Physical consequences About his childhood Malnutrition Andres Conde, Director General of Save the Children, points out the impact. Disease prevention management: “The risk is to leave a generation of children at extreme risk for various diseases”.

Lack Nutrients “It’s paralyzing,” Konde explained Combined improvement Adolescents, something that is impossible to recover at a later age. “We are talking about the huge consequences of the ability of these boys and girls to learn,” he commented.

Drought and war in Ukraine, cause of crisis

The report features this new feature Humanitarian crisis Due to two main reasons: Climate ‘shock’, which has caused significant drought in the region and Ukrainian war.

“We have experienced the worst drought in 40 years, but it has been compounded by something completely unexpected: a war between two countries that has turned the world into a loaf of bread,” Conde said.

According to Cortadar, “Russia and Ukraine supply 90% of the wheat in the Horn of Africa”, from countries Imported goods Such as sunflower oil or Fertilizer Crops are needed.

War is creating a conflict “Unprecedented price increaseIn products imported by the African region, Konde explained.

“It is not unreasonable to say that most of the deaths in this war will not be in armed conflict,” he added.

Only 2% of the funds were raised

The The United Nations Appealed for Urgent USD 4.4 billion is needed for the Horn of Africa and for the population that has been measured. However, there is only one at the moment 2% collected.

“Our problem now is financing,” Cortada declares.

The Report Offer a series Measurement To overcome the crisis. For western countries, they ask to stay with the debt Horn of Africa.

Concerning Condition Affects, recommends implementing social security policies and strengthening early detection processes.

They emphasize the need to move from a responsive approach to an active approach, in order to prevent future crises.

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