Authorities told people to return to all public indoor places wearing masks. Photo: EFE

Its authority New York This was upgraded to ‘A’ category on May 17, 2022High‘The Warning level From Covid 19, Just a day after asking the population Wear the mask again All public indoor places.

“The level of COVID-19 alert in New York City is higher now. There’s one The spread of the upper community And Stress About him Method From Health care It’s growing, “the city’s health department said in a statement.

Health Commissioner Ashwin Bhasan, on his behalf, assured that it was time to do so. “Double The Measurement To protect ourselves and others. “

The City Hall May 16 announced that millions Test at home To try to contain Emergence Of Case That disease is being registered in the city.

The High alert level Is declared when certain values ​​are exceeded Level From Hospitalized And reached a certain proportion of beds in patients with Covid-19.

The Department of Health Recommends Get vaccinated For those who have not already done so, wear a mask in public places and in crowded areas and limit the number of people in the gathering.

Also, it recommends that New Yorkers stay home if they have to Sick Or if they have been exposed to the virus.

“Go back to Low risk level It all depends on their share and if we follow the recommendations, our prediction is that the peak of this wave will not last long. What we do now can make a difference, ”Bhasan stressed.

In May, cases returned to the city Increase With PowerIn seven days, the number of inhabitants per 100,000 reached 48, according to the latest official data, which clearly shows an increase. Hospitalized (2,497 two days ago).

New York This was at the beginning of the epidemic The center of the world Kovid-19’s and the city is already more crowded than that 40,000 deaths By disease, according to official data.

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