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President William LassoThrough two Executive orderMay 5, 2022 changes the military and police leadership.

In the relay, Chief executive Nelson has appointed Proyano as the new head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In the National Police, Fasto Salinas was elected commander General Replacing Carlos Cabrera.

The arrival of new authorities is due to the wave of insecurity that the city of Guayaquil is experiencing. The day they were appointed, another bloodbath occurred. Thursday, May 5, 2022 morning, at the door of a hotel north of Guayaquil, lawyer Walter Vallejo.

Ten people were arrested Thursday night in connection with the crime. The detainees were seven adults and three minors, five of whom had murder histories.

Last Saturday, April 30, the gunmen killed A. The police In response to this Guayaquil. Preliminary reports said the agent was attacked as he was getting into his car in the afternoon.

John Merlo, Commander Naval expeditionWith the exception of the state declaration, the number of crimes decreased by 50%. The official indicated that the information was provided by National Police.

Nelson Proyano, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Nelson Bolivar Proyano Rodriguez was born on December 25, 1961, in the province of Ibarra. Imbabura. He graduated in 1984 as a second lieutenant in infantry.

His time Military career Completed all promotion courses and several more Military course Y. SeminarAmong them: skydiving, human rights, senior management, sports administration, maintenance of peacekeeping missions, among others.

New The head of the joint command Of Armed forcesIn her complementary educational training, she holds a postgraduate degree in sports administration, a higher diploma in management for university education, a diploma in contemporary political studies, a diploma in planning and disaster management, a diploma in peacekeeping and international law, and a degree in military science.

In between Professional path He has held important positions such as: Chief of Staff of the Education and Doctrine Command, Commander of the Education and Doctrine Command, and Director of Alloy Alfaro Military High School.

Fausto Salinas, commander of the National Police

Fasto Lenin Salinas Samanigo Born May 31, 1970 in Quito. He has served for 34 years National Police. Belonging to fifty-seconds Promotion From Officer Of the line, and this is the same first antiquity.

He entered the police force in 1987 High school Police General Alberto Enriquez Gallo. He was part of the Intervention and Rescue Group (GIR) for 16 years.

For his professional work on behalf of the community, he has received the highest honorary distinction, the Honorary Doctorate Honor for his outstanding professional career, International Academy Leaders of public interest excellence.

Salinas has received decorations in degrees Grand Officer, Knight, towards heroism; As well as first, second and third divisions.

Throughout his career, he has held various positions, including: National Director of Civil Security and Public Order, Commander of the Metropolitan District of Quito, Commander of Zone 5, Under Secretary of Police, and Director of High School of Police.


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