Santander League 2021 – 2022

Barcelona 4 Athletic 2


The Azulgrana team, enthusiastic about Adma, knocks out a champion who has no sign. Simeon’s men failed to take advantage of Dani Alves’ expulsion in the final

Bara celebrates victory against AtleticoJ. ManfortAP

Diego Pablo Simeone He understands football as a survival practice. It has nothing to do with defensive or offensive, domination or counter-attack. It goes a long way. It is a plan bound by faith. But that Messianic suffix has disappeared. Time is so cruel that it erases even the strongest beliefs. All that remains of the current champion is a handful of good players, but shaky and uncoordinated. Rock bottom hits of counter-cultural heroes against current league champions Barcelona, ​​including Brave adama Like daggers and irreplaceable Alves As the Savior God. One team is finally excited about their catharsis and which has taken the opportunity to prove furious with acne. Jordi Alba And its impossible flight Cow To snatch a place in the Champions League from his opponent for now.

There is work Xavi Hernandez To address their defensive instability, the Bar দলa team was already inferior, no matter how much it prevented Atletico from growing. He conceded two goals and allowed a number of dangerous situations against a dangerous Atletico in the first half. Xavi, however, may be reprimanded for trying to create a group that multiplies his aggressive forms. Barcelona’s opening act was, in fact, great. He is the inaugural goal raised with ease carrasco And two to three goals to the opponent, who does not know how to stop the storm.

Beauty’s trouble

Bar উত্তরa had to go to two footballers to find the answer to their good performance: Adama Travar and Dani Alves. Winger, the one before the fugitive Pretty Mario Turned into a scarecrow, showed Dembele The qualities of an old school haggler. With Baseline as the strongest and final boundary, he forced Atletico to defend themselves with Lane’s Carrasco and a 3-5-2 hard-hitting ideal. Meanwhile, Alves signed a dream performance as a midfielder. He took part, scoring with Barra for the last six years and unveiling Simeon’s contingency plan.

It would have been a perfect afternoon for Dani Alves if he hadn’t been the victim of an ugly short circuit that caused him to be expelled 20 minutes from the end. He digs his heels into Carasco’s calf and begins the final roar. An explosion occurred at Camp Nou against the referee Gil Manjano, The only hero of the result. The referee also showed red in the end Dag Hernandez, Xavier’s brother and assistant, to protest one Fernando Torres Considering Was The Bar এলাকায়a coach in the area also received warnings that his team had already taken to the field and was confident that Atletico, against 4-2 and with numerical superiority, would not tickle him.

Before the nerves took over everything, Barcelona finally carried out the plan that Xavi said so well in the press room and they interpreted parts of the field so badly. No matter how much he apologized for nailing Dembele to the bench, the man who claimed to be Adama was. Before the race started, the hospital winger caressed the grass and began to pray with outstretched arms. When he finished, he saw who would stop him, a beautiful Mario who must have prayed for the earth to swallow him up.

Albar attestation

Atletico could not defend Carrasco’s opening goal, with the help of Luis Suarez in the first touch who won on the back of Jordi Albar. But Azulgrana Winger, who was already beginning to understand the weight of suspicion, immediately apologized. After losing to Hermoso, Alves noticed his presence from the opposite direction, and Alba, with the ball in the sky, lifted his legs as high as he could until he reached the ball and spun it around with a parabolic effect. oblak, Without whose help some sanatorium may be needed to restore his good fortune Savik Y. Gymnasium, Got stuck when Alba started running and screamed. He asked with his hand that the public would speak. Tell him things. There are soccer players who understand justice as the birth of a new enemy.

Barcelona went crazy with the draw. Beautiful, made a flan, he was stunned to see Adam’s bicycle again. The center was captured by Gavi, a boy measuring 1.73 and who was able to overcome the opposition. Versaillesco Before the ball kisses the net. And he, the shield.

The Catalans still scored the third goal before the break due to Atletico’s inexperience in defending from the set piece. Piku heads to the crossbar and Araujo ends up taking off in a small space.

The game did not indicate anything that could be watered down for Barcelona. Even less after a great coral action crown in front of Alves. Luis Suarez, returning to Camp Nou with a crowd, took it 4-2 due to a local defensive error. However, the expulsion of the Brazilian did not go unnoticed in the defense to discourage Atletico from attacking. Uncle Judo walking Joao Flix Before Korea took its place, it was famous. Return Torres and the return to debut Barcelona was enough aubameyang, And play with Simeon’s nerves.

There is no sign of a champion. And Barcelona already have something to believe.

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