Golden State lost 112-87 to Dallas in Game 1 of the Western Conference Final.

Luka Donsich, against the Warriors.
Luka Donsich, against the Warriors.Scott StrajanteAP
  • Against the sun Luka Donsick’s big day: undressed for the best team in the NBA and already dreamed of the ring

Driven by a double-double of 21 points and from twelve rebounds Steff CurryThe Golden State Warriors defeated the Dallas Mavericks by an authoritarian 112-87, where Luka Donsich Scored twenty points, and hit first in the opening of the NBA Western Conference Final.

Curry led a coral performance by the Warriors, with each of his starting five members contributing at least ten points and knocking out a weak Mavericks at 3-pointers (11 of 48) after hitting 19 on Sunday. Against the Sun in the 7th game of the series.

The Warriors are still perfect at home in this ‘playoff’, where they have won seven of their games, and have slowed down with a great performance. Andrew WigginsTo Doncic, who scored just two points in the second half after starting with 18 in the first two quarters.

Wiggins finished with 19 points, five rebounds and three assists Jordan Pool Also contributed 19, when Clay Thompson He made fifteen contributions despite his four 3-point shots. Drymond Green He had a double-double brush with ten points and nine rebounds and was the hero of a new offensive defensive performance.

The Mavs were shooting 86 for 31, Donsick’s contribution was twenty points, seven rebounds and four assists, but he also had seven turnovers. Spencer Dinwidi Has scored 17 runs with three triplets.

Slightly triple the brightness

A 3-pointer shower was usually expected from two strong teams from the perimeter, one of whom was Mavericks, who, without great physical strength in the paint, made 19 three-point shots against the Sun and a fighter with Curry, Thompson and Poole. Back. Clue.

And although both franchises have been shooting consistently from the perimeter, their percentage was extremely low in the first half.

The Mavs had 7 of 29 on 3-pointers, 14 of 44 in field goals and 5 of 18 Warriors. Curry took his first three-point shot and took the last minute of the second period to seal Thompson. One of the nine has decently reached the halfway point of the conflict.

Andrew Wiggins was the top scorer and the 54-45 architect with whom the Warriors went into the locker room, backed by twelve, including seven rebounds from a curry who scored on a paint attack, on a surprisingly dull day from line free. (4 out of 8).

Wiggins stops Donsick

Wiggins also made a significant defensive effort to retain Doncic, who was the hero in the first half, but was absent in the last two quarters, where he scored just two points.

The Slovenian inadvertently slapped him in the face shortly after the start of the game, leaving a clear cut on his face, but that did not stop him from leading Mavs with 18 points at halftime, where he was on the side of the court. Sit down Dark NowitzkiThe Dallas legend he inherited four years ago.

The nine-point margin, which is considered to be 31% of the Warriors’ 56% shooting, still kept the Mavs optimistic, but the Warriors set foot on the accelerator in the third period to go 71-52, while Curry with two consecutive triplets, and Clay Thompson.

Its team Steve Kerr, With a Thompson who sealed eleven points that quarter (5 of 7), scored a 34-24 run that stunned the Mavericks (88-69) with ten points despite Dinuid’s promise. Donsick could only score two points and had four turnovers.

The Warriors lead 98-69 in the 10-0 run of the fourth period, driven by the pool, and both teams have decided to rest their stars before the 2nd game, which is again set for next Friday in San Francisco.

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