Golden State won with a very high shooting percentage (142-112) and took the lead in the Western semifinals (2-1).

Morant grabbed Poole during the injury
Morant grabbed Poole during the injuryStephen LamAP

An impressive 63% off-field shooting (70% at halftime) and a great 17 out of 32 on three-pointers, the Golden State Warriors pushed the Memphis Grizzlies (142-112) this Saturday and advanced to the Western Semifinals (2-1) in a match. After that Ja Morant That he moved away.

With the game already decided in the last quarter, Morant (34 points and 7 assists) went to the bench with a potential injury to his right knee after a game where he defended. Jordan Pool.

“Poole grabbed his knee and shook it, starting what happened,” Grizzlies coach Guzman said after the game. Taylor Jenkins.

These statements came after a game Dillon Brooks He did not play for Grizzlies in the second game due to suspension for a very serious foul. Gary Payton I ended up with a broken elbow.

Steve Kerr, The Warriors coach then said Brooks’ action was “dirty” and accused the player of “breaking the code” (unwritten) in the NBA to avoid serious injury.

Exactly the same expression, “Broken Code,” which Morant used to add fuel to the fire after a game tonight in a message on Twitter, including a video of him playing with Pool, a tweet that he soon deleted.

In addition to this new episode of controversy in this spicy series, the Grizzlies had a very tough evening in San Francisco as the Warriors crushed them with their superb offensive performances.

Stephen Curry (30 points and 6 assists) was the Warriors’ beacon with six players over 10 points and where Jordan Poole was also ahead (27 points in 11 of 17 shootings), Clay Thompson (21 points and 9 rebounds) and Jonathan Cuminga (18 points left as a starter).

With so many shooting percentages, the only thing stopping the Warriors from getting bigger was their 17 turnover.

The fourth game of the Western semifinals will also be played in San Francisco (USA) on Monday.

Offensive recitation

In the first minute of the duo, the Warriors made no predictions about the formidable offensive line that Gayle was about to release.

It was really grizzly, with Jackson Jr.. Led, who made an amazing start with six triplets in less than five minutes (6.01 left 6-16).

Steve Kerr He ordered a zone defense and from there the Warriors straightened their way, losing by 13 points in the opening quarter but only 2 points down in the first twelve minutes (26-28).

Notwithstanding the initial suspicion, the Warriors took the steamroller in an irresistible second quarter (38-29) with Curry and Wiggins Repeatedly beating Grizzlies.

Wiggins ended his great first half (15 points) with a great dunk on a quick break, but the highlight of the first two quarters came with an impressive 3-pointer from midfield at Morant’s Buzzer just before halftime.

Even after the re-launch, the Warriors continue to be trampled.

Curry was still in his element and the party was joined by Thompson, who made three triples in that room, one of which was very difficult, running and supporting only one leg to make the Memphis defense even more frustrating.

The Warriors crossed the 20-point lead in the third quarter (37-23 partial) and left the game on track before the final quarter (101-80).

The audience did not give up and even from a partner Anderson He briefly dreamed of a surprise return for them, but Anderson himself was responsible for dispelling that illusion when he was expelled by a double standard.

Thus, Curry set a guaranteed +23 with a three-pointer six minutes remaining, but the worst for the Grizzlies has not yet come when, as the two teams leave to finish all reserve matches, Morant is injured. And with a lot of concern Memphis has left fans.

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