LeBron, Davis and Vogel on the Lakers bench.
LeBron, Davis and Vogel on the Lakers bench.Mark J. TerrellAP

The persecution for the Lakers is over because it could not have happened otherwise, as they have announced a season that will forever be in the collection of the biggest failures in NBA history. A mockery of course LeBron James: Not that he won’t be able to fight for his fifth ring, not that he will play in the playoffs for the second time in his entire career.

Neither play-off nor play-in. It was Sun, injured on the LeBron bench, the mathematical executor, though it was only a matter of time. Falling into their frustrating abyss – three wins in the last 16 games – limited Angelnos’ chances, with some Spurs advancing to the table that they could not even dream of such an occasion. The phoenix that activated the guillotine, the current runner-up, is also notable, since the people of Arizona represent energy; Fresh air, even if it comes from the desert, in contrast to the gray of Hollywood.

To measure the fall, you have to keep in mind the ambitions of a franchise that won the Disney World bubble ring just a year and a half ago. At the same time Frank suffered Consider that everyone on the bench is already finished. Thus, the couple formed by LeBron and Anthony Davis He thought he had an insight into a dynasty. Nothing more than reality.

Well, last year they checked their ‘new normality’, accessed the horn of the new play-in in the ring fight and fell at the first opportunity. A situation that disrupted everything that was to come: In the summer, the main reason for his movements, injuries and everything else was nonsense.

Instead of physical strength and youth, LeBron chose to surround himself with experience and old glamor. To the Lakers, who had only three players left, came Hall of Fame and All-Star, A campus with a past fragrance that has worked. Although the main target, he was the bait of criticism Russell Westbrook. “A lot has happened this year, but personally I don’t like to point fingers,” the point guard admits after the defeat. For him – and his $ 44 million contract – they had to finish the depth of the bench to reach (Kuzma, Caldwell-Pope and Montrez Harrell They’re gone …). And they have come around the new Big Three Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, Dandre Jordan, Trevor Ariza… experienced minimum wage and have already played all the best games of their careers.

And it never worked, although at 37, LeBron’s thunderous personal season – curiously, he chose the honor of being the top scorer, which he only achieved at the age of 23 in 2008 – and the benefit of the calendar would lead to misleading results at the beginning of the course. Because the injury was the final blow. LeBron, Davis and Westbrook have played 21 games together (11 wins). “Our goal was to win the title, but then we had an injury and the situation changed. We lost the game, but we are three great players and we will find a way forward,” Kendra said.

All the mix of catastrophic misfortunes, in contrast to the power of a Western bell where the advance of groups like the Grizzlies or the recovery of the Warriors draws attention, has destroyed the identity of the Lakers. There is no sign of their defensive strength – they spent the worst number in their history in that division – for something unprecedented: a LeBron team never lost 48 games.

It’s hard to find a comparison with the legendary franchise’s hits. Predictions have kept the Lakers, whose squad valued at 4 164 million – the fourth highest salary in the entire NBA – as the second highest favorite in the ring and it never happened that a team with such national expectations would not even qualify. Playoff “We were disappointed, but there was no lack of commitment. We did a lot, but we dropped out and we are disappointed now,” said one Vogel conclusion, who will be the first to suffer the consequences.

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