With Al Harford as the protagonist, Boston returns in the final quarter against Golden State (107-120).

Harford shoot a basket this Thursday.
Harford shoot a basket this Thursday.Theron W. HendersonAFP

It would have been a bland script if it had been done. Stephen Curry The first quarter made history with six triplets. The Golden State Warriors take off without looking back at the third as usual. The team with three rings defeated an opponent where no player even set foot in the NBA finals. And it would be bad for the Celtics to survive, having beaten the Warriors 0-17 in the fourth quarter (108-120) after a 36-minute fight.

The duel between the two best defenders in the NBA began with a terrific shootout. With the ball flying and in perpetual motion, the Warriors found cracks in the most dangerous places possible, Curry. Some things like watching the greatest shooter of all time in trance are wonderful, but if you are able to look away you will see that the game was still equal. Celtics, more patient, less fluid, react.

The difficulty posed by the Warriors is not taking the first push, but taking the later ones. Because sometimes they come when the last is not digested. Rivals often break up in the third quarter, eight years after the dynasty is already a mythical territory. And that seemed to be the case for the Celtics, who came down 15 points in that decisive expansion. But it would have been a blended script.

Night at Al Harford

Al Harford I have been waiting for this moment for 15 years. 141 play-off games, more than any other player in history. No one in the NBA Finals has waited so long for their debut. And when night came, she hugged him angrily. The Dominican, just hours before his 36th birthday, turned out to be a memorable response in the last quarter.

It was a coral victory. Shot on a dark night (3/17), Jason Tatum Shows his growth as a generator, with the opportunity to focus on defense to create benefits for his teammates (13 assists). Jillian BrownOften asked to pick his moments, he played 20 of Boston’s first 23 points in the fourth quarter.

And Horford, along Marcus is smart Y. Derrick White, Punished the bets of Golden State, who like to let them see the tatum and shoot with more space to close the paint better. The Dominicans have signed 26 points, 11 of which have failed in the last quarter, including two triplets that have penetrated the Warriors’ heart like a knife.

In a twist to that predicted script, it was Boston that broke the Golden State’s resistance with its own weapons: great defense and outsize shooting (9/12 at 3-pointers for 40 points in the fourth quarter).

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