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NBA: Tatum loses to Miami and Celtics tie in Eastern final NBA 2021


The Boston players scored 31 points and eight rebounds in 33 minutes. Final 2-2 March

Tatum smiles after scoring a kite.ELSAAFP
  • Playoffs So is the fight in the ring

An unbeaten Jason Tatum, with 31 points, eight rebounds and five assists in 33 minutes, led a great team performance by the Boston Celtics, who beat the Miami Heat (102-82) at the TD Garden and tied 2-2. 2 pre-conference finals

Tatum illuminated the garden with spectacular heat from ten points scored 127-102 reverse 127-102 48 hours ago, the night the Celtics showed all their strength on both sides of the track, though Marcus Smart lost, who finished the third game with severe ankle pain. .

Its team Ime UdokaWho is making history as the debut coach in the NBA, was also able to rely on an outstanding performance by the Dominicans Al HarfordWho dominated the paint, with five points, thirteen rebounds and four key shots to completely neutralize the heat.

Five Celtic players finished in double figures against a hit that paid the price for the loss Tyler HeroThe best sixth man of the season, and leaders like Jimmy Butler and Kyle Lowry have improved their physical condition.

Butler scored six points in the 27th minute and Lori scored just three points in the 21st minute. It was VictorOladipoHe is the top scorer on the hit with 23 points, four rebounds and six assists, recovering from an imbalance due to injury in recent seasons.

The heat consists of five, starting Butler, Lori, adebayoMax Struts Y. PJ TuckerScored only 18 points, the worst mark in the playoffs since the 1970-1971 academic year.

Miami, 0/14 Shooting will begin on the field

The Celtics beat from the first second, led aggressively by a tatam who already had twelve points, five rebounds and two assists after the first period, where the hit needed fifteen attempts to get their first point off the field (1 in 15).

The first point came from the free throw line, the work of the left Adebayo, when it was Oladipo, coming from the bench, who connected the first field goal about nine minutes into the game.

The dominance of the points, the rebound (19-8), the determination of the split ball that could not satisfy the hunger of the Celtics, who kept pressing the accelerator and crushed a hit where only Victor Oladipo, with 18 points, was able to miss the drawn break. Line

Tatum, 24 points break

The Celtics also fouled Eric Spoelstra’s men and threw 26 free kicks in the first half to create a 57-33 lead at halftime, taking twelve more points from a totem that was already close to double-double (24 points and 8 points). Bounce).

Seven more points from Tatum and a Harford who cleared the paint with five rebounds and two shots, reached 32 points in the third quarter and the hit failed to lift their heads despite cutting margins at times. 23 points.

Harford, Fourth Strike and Curry

76-52 with which the Celtics entered the last period and its early triple Payton Pritchard And al Harford They shoot at the vodka and frustrate all sorts of hopes of returning for the hit, where several heroes like Tucker or Butler sit on the bench and think about the fifth game.

Tatum score against Butler.Charles GraceAP

The last minutes turned into a party at Garden, with Harford sealing a great block for Gabe Vincent and Pritchard to sign 88-57 which again put up more than thirty points, including eight minutes of play.

“He’s an unbeaten leader,” Jason Tatum assured at the end of the game to celebrate Harford’s performance, one of the Celtics’ best assets, visiting the hits for the fifth game this Thursday, including two and a tie in all. To make a decision.

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