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The NBA’s 75th anniversary season will end with a final between two of the only three original franchises still standing: Golden State WarriorsThe team that has marked the last decade, and Boston Celtics, The most successful player in history with the Lakers. On the one hand, that dynasty refuses to write its last page; On the other hand, the team that finally reached the stage that resisted so much.

They are the sixth finalist in eight years for the Warriors, which only the Bulls have achieved Michael JordanOf the Lakers Magic Johnson And its Celtic Bill Russell. Dynasties with their own names, the only comparison that revolves around the entire universe Stephen Curry. After two years marked by injuries, especially from Clay ThompsonThey are back on their stage.

A few months ago, Steve Kerr I noticed that this bracket came in handy for the team. Five years of exhaustion and tension have begun to reach the final. They’ve been released from two season expectations, one breath and fills the pantry: there are new supporting actors around the hard core who have increased the legitimacy of this team.

Since Kerr led the Warriors in 2014, there is only one team in the NBA with a positive balance against them, the Boston Celtics. After years of advertising, losing three times in the Eastern final, the Greens reached the final holding hands. Jason TatumOne of the brightest young stars, and a fantastic defense.

Starring: Stephen Curry and Jason Tatum

There are players in the history of the game who represent evolution, who dominate the rules of the game and who mark a revolution, who break the board. Stephen Curry belongs to the second species: his crash marked a definite transition from the vertical domain (height, altitude) to the horizontal domain (space, shooting range).

He is a unique player on whom the Warriors have built their dynasty. And yet there is a hole in his record, which boasts three rings and the first unanimous MVP in the history of the regular season: the final MVP. Although his legacy is already at the top of the awards, winning it, including the fourth ring, will end a career that has never stopped.

And in the face of an already protected legacy, who still writes his first verses. Jayson Tatum, of which Kobe Bryant Assuming enough promise to take him under his wing, he has climbed one more notch among the best players in the league this season. After being selected for the first time in the All-Star Quantum of the season that led his team to the final for the first time since 2010, he faces the challenge of finding a ring against the great modern dynasty.

The road to the final

Curry, Thompson and last January Drymond Green, The trident on which the Warriors stand, for the first time since the 2019 final, the court has split. About two and a half years later … and only for 7 seconds, because Green wanted to make the initial jump with muscle discomfort from the symbolic way of celebrating Thompson’s return after 941 days of injury. According to PBP statistics, they only matched for 11 minutes in the whole regular episode.

The obstacles the Warriors have had to overcome this season, and the depth of clothing they have gained over the years, serve as evidence: despite their injuries, they have won 53. Already inside Playoffs, A reduced nugget has been sent; They are sweating against some grizzlies who have ended without their star, Ja Morant; And ran over the Mavericks Luka Donsich.

There were also bumps in the road for the Boston Celtics, who were slow to start reaching the halfway point with a negative balance (20 wins, 21 defeats). Ime UdokaRocky coach but interested in the shadows Greg PopovichI found the tune in time: they are the best team ever in the NBA in 2022, a rocky set behind which started to reduce their attack in the second half of the season.

And arrived PlayoffsThe bill has passed. One by one they have eliminated their losing teams in the last three seasons: Brooklyn Nets (2021), Milwaukee Box (2019), Defending Champion and Miami Heat (2020).

Defense and championship

The finals pitted the two most efficient defenders in the NBA against each other. Celtics signed the best data of the course (106.2 points per 100 assets); And Warriors, II (106.6). Both respond to modern team prototypes, with players who can change positions behind blocks to keep a man always in the ball and in the basket.

There is no better team than the Celtics to deal with the offensive tide of the Warriors. There may be better curry (on paper) than some players Marcus is smartAnd no one has fans like Jason Tatum, Jillian Brown Y. Grant Williams (Next to Al Harford) To disarm an attack.

Although fireworks attracted the most attention of these fighters, the truth is that for all these years they have been more or less influential in defense. The difference is that when the crime of the Celtics falls on Tatum and Brown’s Tuya-ma, it becomes predictable, the Golden State is fast and unpredictable. Each action has several options that achieve the most dangerous thing: suspecting the opponent.

X factor

He said Mike D’Antoni What a sleeve Playoffs Eight players are commonly used and only seven are loyal. Rotations are shortened, but there is always a name behind the stars that can turn a game around, if not a elimination round.

In Celtics, Marcus is smart and Robert Williams These two players. The first, as Curry’s chief guard, is a spearhead of an offensive defense that will try to take advantage of the problem with the loss of the Warriors. Second, an athletic midfielder who ended the tie against Miami with serious mobility problems. If he is healthy, he is an important support (and replacement) for the experienced Al Harford.

Among the warriors, Andrew Wiggins One of the great stories of course. The young prodigy has not found his place as a star and has been able to re-establish himself as a luxurious secondary. His defense is even more important after the injury took a step away from Clay Thompson. And in another basket, Jordan PoolA distant cousin of the Splash Brothers who, despite losing weight as he passed the qualifiers, was able to download 20 points on the inspired night.

Experience: 123-0

With such a close tie there is only one irresistible truth: out of all the Warriors players they have played 123 games in the finals, while none of the Celtics know what it feels like to play them. You haven’t seen such an imbalance between Chicago (134) and Utah (0) since the 1997 final.

The Golden State Warriors also started with Field Factor for them: the series kicks off early Friday morning at the huge Chase Center, a 1,500 million pavilion that hosts Playoffs For the first time since its inauguration in 2019. And that advantage has grown even more: the Curry-Thompson-Green trio have won at least one game out of all the games they have played in their careers. And there are already 26 in the last decade.

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