The Dallas Mavericks lost their first game of the Western semifinals despite their leader’s performance.

Luka Donsick, this Monday, against the sun.
Luka Donsick, this Monday, against the sun.Christian PetersonAFP
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Luka Donsich Scored 45 points but the Phoenix Suns, in one of their most credible performances in this NBA playoff, did not give the Dallas Mavericks an option on Monday in the first game of this Western semifinal (121-114).

Extremely serious in defense and perfectly coral in attack, the Sans overwhelmed some poor Mavericks behind and those who missed the offensive contributions of their secondary actors.

Donsick, Akshay and all the defensive variants that Sans offered him were very close to triple-double (45 points, 12 rebounds and 8 assists).

But with the exception Maxi Kleber (19 points, including 5 triple), the rest of Mavericks’ offense night was bad (Jalen Brunson Y. Spencer Dinwidi They added only 21 points between the two).

Instead, it was all good news for the sun.

One hundred percent plug-in from start to finish, Phoenix was one Devin Booker With no signs of injury (23 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists), a Diandre Ayton Who was a Titan in the zone (25 points and 8 rebounds) and a Chris-Paul Excellent – again – helme (19 points).

The only bad side of playing Sans? An inexperienced ending of the match 15-29 in the last nine minutes gave the Mavericks a lifeline when the match was already ruined.

Whatever the spot, Sun scored 50.5% of their field goals, missed a free throw (18 of 18) and owned a rebound (51 of 36).

The second game between the Sons and the Mavericks will also be played in Phoenix on Wednesday.

Donsick against the world

The Sun has entered the game like a steamroller.

With Bridge Pressing Donsick on defense, Phoenix overwhelmed the Mavericks at an irresistible start where they dominated all aspects of the game from rebounding to transition (6:09 including 18-6 on the clock).

Bright with 13 points in the first quarter, Booker showed signs of fully recovering from his injury, but hard-working Donsick did not shy away from the Dallas game to triple 14 points and three from Kleber (35-25).

Brunson, the benchmark against the Jazz during Donsick’s absence, not only had 0 points in the first quarter but also added his third foul as the second started.

Donsick fueled Mavericks’ offense in the second quarter, either scoring on his own or finding his teammates on a 3-pointer as he closed in on Suns.

The Slovenians finished their huge first half with 26 points, but the Mavericks’ lack of fear and defensive pressure opened the door to a more cohesive and versatile sun, with Paul being very fine in the direction and very effective in the Ayton area. , And who scored a spectacular 63.6% shooting (69-56).

The Mavericks grabbed a 3-pointer in the third quarter for a comeback, but without improving their defense it seemed an impossible task.

Thus, inside Ayton and Johnson In the triple they raised some of the sun which continues at cruising speeds (96-79).

The last quarter started with two disgusting figures for the opposite reason.

At first, Cable left the stadium speechless with a terrible fall at the mouth of the alley but fortunately he recovered without problems; And after a while, mcgee He stole a ball from Donsick and ran down the court to end his great game with a dunk.

Their biggest lead of the evening (+21), Sun relaxed too much and allowed the Mavericks to drop to just 6 points in the last minute with a short five under Doncic.

However, Booker took control of the situation and sealed the victory of the Sun without much fear.

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