The Slovenian, who was able to involve his successful teammates (Finney-Smith, eight triplets), led the Dallas team 2-2 against the best team of the regular season.

Donsik, during the fourth game against the Sun.
Donsik, during the fourth game against the Sun.Ron JenkinsAFP

Luka Donsich He faced one of the major games of his intense and early career. He never made it to the second round of the playoffs and a defeat knocked his Mavericks to the ropes. So he caught the night with a lapel at the American Airlines Center, triple-double brushed (26 points, 11 assists, seven rebounds and four steels) and even tied against the best team of the regular season (111-101).

The task was not easy at all, despite the good first half of the Mavericks, who eventually surrounded Donsik with triple and defense (68-56). Especially successful Dorian Finney-SmithWho has already equaled the best mark of his career (6) from the perimeter when returning from the locker room.

But Sans, who feels the knockout push, with his jerk, climbs into the show and gets involved in the fight. Devin Booker, Who has signed 13 games with more than 30 points in his career playoffs (35 points, seven assists). His pitches were a torture for the locals. And, despite the elimination for lack Chris-Paul With a good portion of the last quarter remaining, the Arizonans have come dangerously close (83-89). Donsick’s domain lacked toes: he missed nine out of 10 triple attempts.

Those were the final hits when it was right there Jason Kid. Another beautiful basket from Doncic and two more triplets from Finney-Smith, Pletricos. That was a blow to the 8-0 Sun (97-83), not yet answered.

Donsik closed the match with some nice action and a few more basket passes. And the Mavericks West have reached the top 20 3-pointers to tie in the semi-finals.

The former Real Madrid player’s leadership has been highlighted in his statistics. This was his sixth game in the current playoffs (he missed the first three against Utah due to injury). He averaged 32.2 points, 10.3 rebounds and 6.8 assists.

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