A Study Of World Bank Reveals financial management strategies before the risk of natural disasters Ecuador Too much Open Y. Weak From Climate change And its sequel.

For him Geographical locationClimate, hydrological and geophysical features under threat Earthquake, Flood, Volcanic eruption, among others. These have claimed the lives of people and had a negative impact on the economy.

There was an earthquake The biggest historical loss Over the last 50 years, with a value of USD 8,467 million. It has been associated with climate change The El Ni নিনo incident And The girlIncluding USD 4,373 million.

The Earthquake 2016 has represented a Cost From Reconstruction USD 3,344 million, of which 67% was directly funded by the public sector. That assumption is also in the study Loss For large-scale potential earthquakes, in a 200-year return period, they could reach, 30,582 million.

Similarly, r Volcano Represents a Constant riskSince only 15% of them are studied due to economic constraints.

According to the Atlas of Geographic Spaces Exposed to Natural and Anthropic Threats, 27 potential active volcanoes. 39% of Ecuador’s population is under threat, leading to a rate of steady growth Expansion Of Urban settlement.

In parallel, Effect Of Era Rain Stable in the country. Historically, the provinces Coast Most affected, especially its effects The El Ni নিনo incidentLed by Guass with more than a hundred Flood In the last 50 years.

Water accumulates in the soil, loosens it, and eventually turns into a large amount of flour. The Highway It is obstructed and these hereditary areas of mud and rock are affected.

The Growing Of The river And later Overflow It has a direct relationship with FloodWhich mainly damages the house.

Its data National Risk and Emergency Management Services (Sngre) reports that these problems occur more frequently in the second half of each year and then extend to the next nine months, with variable intensities beginning to decline in June.

The Landslide They concentrated an average of 49% of all nine hazardous incidents reported due to rain, in two categories of storms registered between 2020 and 2022.

25% consistent with flooding and the remaining 26% divided Structural collapse, Undercut, The clayDownpours, storms, hailstorms and lightning storms.

Luis Raina, former director of the defunct Civil Defense, says there are two factors that contribute. Massive landslides Stay Chief Threats.

In the first example, he says, it is true that in the mountains, in the Sierra, Population growth. This affects the accumulation of water coming down from the hills, which causes land degradation after saturation.

On the other hand, there is one Excess moisture Inside Land Which naturally condenses it because they are located at high altitudes and where the cloud cover directly affects that load. For that reason, r I saw This is the biggest problem with landslides. Such problems have been analyzed in about 10 provinces in the region.

The Forest fire They are another latent threat. Between 2015 and 2021, more than 34,500 such incidents were recorded. On an average, the country loses 1,500 football fields each yearCoverage Vegetables.


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