Colombian Diana Trujillo is part of a new team of flight directors at NASA. Photo: NASA Twitter

The Pot Seven new members have been elected for this Flight director cadreTo oversee the activities of the mission International Space StationTCommercial ripping And Artemis programYes this Monday 27th June, 2022 we will let you know the details.

Its members 2022 Cohart They are Heidi Brewer, Ronak Dave, Chris Dobbins, Garrett Hayne, Nicole McLarey, Elias Marmo and Colombian Diana Trujillo.

After finishing a Extensive training program NASA will conduct human spaceflight missions from the Johnson Space Center’s Mission Control Center, including operational leadership and risk management, as well as flight control and technical aspects of the vehicle system. NASA in Houston.

In this role, these individuals will lead a team of flight controllers, research and engineering experts and assist staff around the world, making real-time decisions that are important for keeping NASA astronauts safe in space.

Training at NASA

“These will be highly qualified people Responsible To keep astronauts safe and to run human spacecraft missions, ”said NASA Director of Flight Operations Norm Knight. “We had a lot of outstanding candidates in both the agency and spaceflight industries, which is a big sign of the extraordinary talent that exists here between NASA and the growing space travel community.”

NASA flight directors Run the mission Per Special station And Artemis is preparing for the program’s lunar mission. The mission control center is called Christopher C. Since Craft Jr. became the agency’s first flight director in 1958, the agency now has 108 flight directors.

According to NASA, becoming a flight director requires years of study and dedication as well as professional experience in a high-pressure environment that requires quick decisions.

Diana Trujillo

Recently Diana has worked as Trujillo OfficerOne of the integrated planning and sequencing group for surface missions at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. In that role, he supported ongoing exploration mission operations on the surface of Mars as well as planned Mars sample return missions.

Earlier, he was in charge Head of Mission For perseverance, he was responsible for determining the health and condition of NASA’s Mars Rover, where he analyzed the rover’s strategic command team and the rover’s telemetry.

Act as Flight Director During the first surface operation of Perseverance on Mars, including commissioning and deployment of Ingenuity, the first helicopter to work on another planet. Prior to that, he served as Head of Mission and Deputy Head of Engineering Operations for the Mars Curiosity Mission.

Trujillo was born and raised Callie and Got one Bachelor’s degree in space engineering From the University of Maryland at College Park, with additional research at the University of Florida in Gainesville. He is also a graduate of NASA Academy at the Miami Dead College in Florida and the Langley Research Center in Virginia. In 2021, He got it Cruz de Boyacá, the highest honor the Colombian government gives to civilians.

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