In your decision Maria del Carmen MaldonadoEarlier, he resigned from the presidency Judicial CouncilProsecutor Juan Carlos Izquierdo’s suspension was revoked.

He was a partner in the Ecuador model Naomi Arsentales. The young woman was found lifeless in a department on December 12, 2021 BlanketWhere he lived with the prosecutor.

On December 19, 2021, the then president of the judiciary fired Izquardo from his post for three months and without pay, when a Punitive process Against him.

This happened after a video went public showing how Izquierdo beat Naomi, inside the condominium where they lived.

However, this February 6, 2022, a resolution was announced that Maldonado had signed on February 2, 2022. In that document, it was resolved to “remove the preventive measure to suspend the operation of the Judicial Server: Juan Carlos Izquierdo SedenoDue to my unwavering resignation from the position of Fiscal Agent of Manbi Province, President of the Judicial Council. ”

With this decision, Izquierdo will be able to return to his position as prosecutor in Canton. CarmenIn women.

His defense indicates that his client’s stay has been revoked “based on the Constitutional Court’s decision. Its presidency Judiciary That faculty. It did not help or do anything but impose a constitutional penalty that, if not observed, would lead to non-compliance and dismissal. Neglected officers

Gives a verdict on January 12, 2022 Constitutional Court Withdraws from the presidency of the judiciary the power to issue a stay order Court officials Those who face disciplinary action for committing serious or very serious crimes.

The judgment establishes that the provisions of this suspension must be applied exclusively in order for them to be constitutional andl Judicial Council And not individually by the president or the president. ”

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