Dance Through this his lanrus celebrates the roots Music. ‘People dance’ Is the new title Record production That Venezuelan artist has launched through Universal Music.

Part of a dozen songs New CD Which is already available in the main Digital music platform

Music tradition

Miguel Ignacio MendozaNacho, better known in the music scene, was born 38 years ago in the Venezuelan state of Anjotegui.

He grew up surrounded by a family that kept the tradition alive Venezuelan folk music Which can be heard during social gatherings.

“The joropo It’s been a part of my life forever. This is the music that my mother’s family listens to and sings, the rhythms with which I competed in the school singing festivals, the foundation of my training as a professional and of course part of my cultural roots. There is more to Venezuelan LAN than music, “said the artist.

That music culture took Nacho to the world of music. At the age of 24, he made his professional debut as part of the pair Chinese and NachoTogether with Jesus Alberto Miranda (Chinese).

The duo was released on this music stage Four albums And a series of singles that remain in the memory like My Beautiful Girl, Your Little Angel, Poet, among others.

The group broke up in 2017 and three years later they announced their return with a single release Well.

A personal project

“I first learned to sing folk music before any other genre and from there I learned my songs Vocal powerExplanatory and compositional “, the artist said, adding that one of his pending personal projects was an album of Colombian-Venezuelan folk music.

‘Nacho Folkórica’ is a concept album that he released solo. Is 10 unpublished tracks With whom he remembers his childhood, his beginnings in music and his love for his country Venezuela. The album has been released worldwide through its YouTube channel along with a music video for the song My Expression.

On the album you can appreciate its singularity Traditional instruments Zorropore as harp, quattro and maracas. The album was created by Nacho himself as a tribute to his land and the roots of his music.

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