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Bomachoge Borabu Member of Parliament has said that the government will continue supporting the education sector because it is the foundation of any development.

Speaking to parents of Oroche Primary School of in his constituency in Kisii County, the MP, Prof Zadoc, underscored the importance of quality education.

He praised the ongoing Competence Based Curriculum as he termed it an all-round education programme.

“Let all of us embrace the system because it is holistic to our children,” he said.

The MP appealed to teachers to instill discipline to the pupils by involving them in extracurricular activities because it enables them to acquire skills and talents that are important in life.

He asked communities to provide enough land for the expansion of infrastructure and fields in order to meet the requirements of the current curriculum.

Ogutu also asked the provincial administration to be on the watch on those who encroach school land and let them to face the law.

During the meeting, the MP provided a title deed to the School Management Committees, saying that the land  was bought using the NG-CDF money to enable the institution expand.

He said that this year alone, his office spent more than Sh22 million for education bursary to the bright secondary school  children who come from poor homes.

He revealed  that he was proud of taking deliberate measures to complete many centers of excellence in the constituency.

“If  we built  modern class rooms and equip our schools with enough learning materials, we are assured of producing the best students in the country,” he advised.

He asked his critics to follow his track record of development before they pointed accusing fingers on him.

He was responding to the allegations from the public that his leadership has neglected the development of other sectors like roads, sports and agriculture.

Other accusations that were labeled against him include neglecting teachers’ bodies like KNUT, KUPPET and KESSHA.

“How can one expect to succeed in the development of education without involving the main stakeholders in decision making?” asked one of the KUPPET branch officials.

The MP asked for peace and tolerance especially in impending general elections period because without peace and harmony, education and other development sectors will stall.

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