By Boniface Mulu

The parents and teachers of Muslim Primary School in Kitui Town have been lauded for proper management and running of the highly populated learning institution.

They were congratulated for the good work done by their Member of Parliament, Dr. Benson Makali Mulu.

“This school has almost 900 pupils and you run it well. That is quite commendable,” the Kitui Central Constituency Member of Parliament said.

Mulu was speaking to the school’s parents, pupils and teachers on Friday, May 20 when he officially opened a storey building  that he has constructed in the learning institution at a cost of Sh6.9million shillings from the area Constituency Development Fund (CDF) kitty.

Muslim Primary School was established by the Kenya’s colonial government in 1950s and is one of the oldest learning institutions in the country.

The MP had earlier in the day officially opened some projects including classrooms and hostels at the Ngiini Primary School and the Kitui School for the Mentally Handicapped in his constituency. He also put up the facilities through the area CDF money.

“I have about 40 such projects that I am going to open in my constituency. I will start my political campaigns after I have opened them (the projects),” Mulu added.

On politics, the MP insisted that Kambas community must be respected and that they are ready to join any political alliance.

“We will respect one who will respect us as a community. The next government must give us the development as the Kamba community. We must have water. We must have roads. We must have ambassadors. We must have ministers and we must have principal secretaries among others. Failure to give us that we as a community are not going to sail in that government’s ship,” the Kitui Central Constituency MP said.

Mulu (Wiper Democratic Movement) asked his fellow Kitui Central constituents to retain him as their MP during the Kenya’s August 9, general elections.

Mulu has led the constituency since 2013, he is in the parliamentary race defending his seat.

The politician told the constituents to conduct peaceful political campaigns and elections, asking them not to vote for one  ‘because of having been bought, but to vote for looking for a leader to serve them’.

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