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Suna West MP Hon Peter Francis Masara has urged learners to remain focused and committed in their studies to achieve better results.

Speaking at Wiga Girls Secondary School after an impromptu visit to the school to inspect the construction of NG-CDF classrooms, Masara reminded candidates that the academic year is very short hence they should use the limited time for their studies.

“You need to shun distractions and focus on your studies. You should focus on why you’re in school and what you wish to achieve at the end of your four year study,” he said.

He further encouraged the candidates to be prayerful by putting God first in everything in order to achieve their goals.

He urged the learners to collectively consult their teachers in areas they do not understand in a move to prepare promptly for the forthcoming national exams.

Wiga Girls Secondary School was started by the MP. The school’s pioneer candidates will sit for their exams this year.

“I’m counting on the pioneers to set the standards for the rest. All eyes are set on you, therefore you have to work hard to ensure you achieve your set goals,” he noted.

He pleaded with teachers to remain committed to service delivery for the sake of learners.

“I will continue supporting you to ensure that you can have a good working environment for the sake of uplifting the academic standards in Suna West,” he added.

He congratulated the teachers, BoM, parents and students for the good results posted in 2021 KCSE.

He challenged them to continue in the same spirit to help build and support the teachers and education system by the national government.

Suna West sub county recorded a positive deviation of 0.08 in the 2021 KCSE with a mean of 4.1806.


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