I started Photography When I was very young, inspired by Pictures That my father drank when he was a preacher. When I was 17, my mom gave me a beautiful Minolta X700 and a world I never felt, starting with putting the film on the camera. Mechanics And the measure of light until I realized that there was a new way of expressing in front of me Ideas And mine Emotions.

I remember I hurt a lot Rolls Until I got my first picture and it was one Deer Appeared in front of me in that forest. Maybe it was a sign to me that I would be attached to it Nature Forever.

I started visiting at the age of 20 moutains. As a child I watched these animals with reverence and even fear; I thought they were mysterious and wild places. He walked through it We’re off Y. Plants And in those places constantly he got lessons and apprentices.


The first Mountain That I was able to climb Kayambe volcano. I remember them for a long time Walking at night And look They. I was amazed and excited to tread on new territory for me. It was almost like walking on another planet, like a baby in an amusement park. And, at the same time, I felt a lot of fear about not being able to reach Summit Or have Fitness Get on me

The minutes passed slowly as dawn broke Horizon The sun gave us WelcomeAlmost like telling us “I’m here, don’t worry, I’m going to give you warmth and shelter”.

Magically it went up and I was able to do it on my own Eyes Praise Mountain From another perspective, closer, more human and much more Respectful. I saw them Glacier And felt a Nice sensation When step on Ice With my crampons. As we climbed, step by step, I could get out Summit That was near us.


After 6 hours of climbing, tired body, d Heavy breathing Y. Tears In sight, we reach the summit. It was something I will never forget in my life; I felt overwhelmed, I cried, laughed and screamed like a baby. We all embrace and Silence We just saw the scene and felt so lucky to be in that place.
So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right Photography With Emotions On the side of the hill.

From that moment on, my constant search in my work is to pay my respects moutains Like they Magical creaturesIts animals Respect And animals Protection; Capture its beauty, time and capture through a constant search movement Dance Using a variety of photographic styles with light, such as long exposure, astrophotography and HDR, I can capture Ecuador and the Andes through my lens.

The Landscape photography It communicates from different perspectives, as a medium of artistic and cultural expression and how it is a documentation Landscape Transformed, life, die and transformed again known as the jungle next door Civilization.

Landscape photography allows for observation from a variety of perspectives and emotions.

My work is a project of continuous growth, born out of my inspiration to discover the connection that humans have with nature. Mother of the world. Respect for Ecuador’s mountains, moors, flora and fauna.

There is Ecuador Pacific Ring of FireHall is an alignment of terrestrial and submarine volcanoes and ocean faults.

This alignment Volcano It covers most of the Pacific Ocean, or about 40,000 miles. This area is called the Ring of Fire.

In Ecuador, the Andes are divided Parallel chainMultiple with each Volcano 5,000 meters and more. The highest point of the country is located in West Cordillera, which is considered to be the highest volcano in the world from the center of Chimborazo (6,268 m).

Ruko Pichincha and the enchanted father

In East Cordillera The world’s most active volcano, Kotopaksi (5,897 m high).
I capture them as part of the project – sculpture and fragility – which creates awareness about the care and appreciation of these beautiful natural monuments.

Me Purpose Awareness generation is encouraged Natural resourcesThe Climate change And importance for life Glacier And rivers.

We are its people NatureIt is our obligation to respect and take care of what is around us, one step at a time, to be aware that a small change can have a big impact on us. Planet In which we live.

Altar and yellow lagoon.


Juan Sebastian Rodriguez IG: @sebas_foto

Nature photographer specializing in astrophotography, night landscape, cityscape, high definition panorama and mountaineering.

Photography teacher for 15 years at Photo Club Quito and Open Photography Laboratory. He has exhibited photographic exhibits in the country’s volcanoes and mountains in Spain, France, Mexico and Ecuador.
On Wednesday, May 11, the exhibition ‘In the Heart of the Andes’ began at the Marcando Camino (Tamayo and Ventimilla).

San Rafael Falls.
Majestic Antisana


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