Fourteen miles from the circuit, the 29-year-old Briton fell into a ballast. The race has lost 258 lives since its inception in 1910.

Mark Parslow, the pilot who died at TT on the Isle of Man.
Mark Parslow, the pilot who died at TT on the Isle of Man.TwitterIsle of Man TT

The historic Isle of Man (TT) tourist trophy race continues to add to the misfortune. British pilot Mark Parslow, 29 years old, died in the fourth qualifying episode of this edition. According to the report, just before reaching the fourth mile of the circuit, the collapse occurred due to the tragedy in the third lap. La Gazeta dello Sport And other media.

Since its inception in 1910, 258 people have already died in this endurance test, the oldest in the world of motorcycling. They have repeatedly questioned whether it is appropriate to compete in this type of circuit, a combination of road and urban landscapes. However, competition motorcycle testing continues every year without all the appropriate safety minimum.

Purcell’s TT career

Parslow made his debut at the TT Mountain Course in 2015, where he won the lightweight race crown. This was his first appearance in such a competition. Already in 2017 he learned what it was like to race on a dangerous circuit that would later end his life: competing in the Isle of Man TT race, supersport and lightweight division.

The British also took part in the TT Classic race in 2016, 2018 and 2019, with its best result being 14th in the 2019 Junior Classic TT. Like the other drivers, the race organizers offered their condolences to their families and those closest to the pilot.

“Rest in peace”

Your countrymen, Honda UK motorcycle racers Glenn IrwinRookie of the Isle of Man TT expressed his condolences on Twitter after the tragic news: “Rest in peace

Current Aprilia Rider Alex Spagger I gave my opinion about this competition two years ago: “I don’t understand how that race is not forbidden“Daily Mathison, another British pilot, died after another tragic accident.

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