The French celebrated their first win of the season and led the championship.

Fabio Quarterro, Portimeo.
Fabio Quarterro, Portimeo.Gabriel boysAFP

“I really enjoyed it,” she said. Fabio Quettaro At the end of the race in Austin 15 days ago, and confirmation, so cheerful, frightened his followers: Have you settled? Has he resigned? The current MotoGP Champion finished seventh that day, and a current MotoGP Champion would not be able to “enjoy more” if he were in seventh place. As happened two years ago, the Frenchman is trapped by his own thoughts, whatever they may be. Yet in the hangover of his life success and in discussions with several brands the following year, Quarterro became blurry.

But this Sunday, back in Europe, he finds himself again. And he went further. In one of his favorite circuits, Portimeo, he dominated as champion and led the world championships. His victory, the first of the year, had hardly any history: only Joan Mir He came out better than her, but you took her in the second lap and from there with the checkered flag.

On multiple occasions, Quataroro said that his renewal by Yamaha was to celebrate the first continental race, Portimao and Jerez, and now that signature seems close. Like the Rider, the Japanese bike was much more skeptical this season, slower than any, but it is still competitive when top speeds are not so decisive. If Quartararo and Yamaha meet again – with an agreement between them – and the Frenchman is relieved of the pressure of being benchmarked, then his second MotoGP title is the most likely option.

Because there is still an opponent behind him. He was crushed by Francesco ‘Peco’ Bagnia late last year, but has suffered losses due to constant mechanical changes in the Italian Ducati.

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