East The second Sunday in May Is celebrated Mother’s Day And is celebrated with art and tradition. In this 2022, this celebration coincides with May 8 in the calendar.

There is a series within this celebration structure Artistic and cultural events It can be an option to celebrate this day with family.

Here are some of the ones I found to be interesting:

Music with national artists

The guitar is back The name of the concert that brings together six carriers of Ecuadorian and Latin American popular music. The Nunez Brothers will share the stage in a show dedicated to Don Madardo and their players, Los Antares, Los Kipas, Harmans Mino Naranjo and Trio Colonial Mothers. The ceremony will begin at 7:00 a.m. May 7 at the General Ruminahui Coliseum. Tickets are being sold on the mobile shopping El Recreo and La Ticketera websites.

A music festival for mom This is what Madhyamani of the world city has prepared for the two-day event with songs, dances and traditions. Folklore Ballet and Sayani Art and Tradition will begin on May 8 at 12 noon at Khwana Kaws. From 8 May 12:30 to the turn of Diego Camacho, Banda Show 24 de Mayo, Proecto Coraza and Kipas.

Village wind It is a concert that brings together the Andean Instruments Orchestra, a youth choir and a children’s choir. The collection includes songs from the new Latin American anthem, which has been around since the 1960’s. The presentation will be on May 7 from 6:00 pm at the Mexico Theater in Tomebamba and Antisana. Admission is free until full capacity.

Family theater

‘The Last Mambo’ This is a work of actress Jenny Portiler. This family comedy exposes the traditional ‘mambera’, who tells the story of her life as a dancer, woman and mother. The last performance is on May 7 at 7:30 pm in the Performing Arts Room MandrakeIn the House of Ecuadorian Culture.

Jenny Portilla is the protagonist of the play ‘The Last Mambo’ presented in Mandragora house. Photo: Courtesy of Jenny Portilla

‘Las Marujas between Taitas, Mamas and Terex‘A play with which Cletta and Abrilia want to celebrate Mother’s Day. A theatrical comedy for the whole family where the couple will share their most intimate and funny anecdotes. Performances are May 7 at 7:00 p.m. and May 8 at 6:00 p.m. At the Patio de Comedias Theater, September 18 and October 9.

‘Bears in the Universe’ A family theater play that will premiere at the Humboldt Association this weekend. The play follows the story of Benny, the last polar bear looking for a new home after melting a glacier. The play is presented on Saturday 7 at 11:30 and 16:00 and on Sunday 8 at 11:30 in Vancouver and Poland.

On the big screen

Wawateka This is a project of Casa de la Cultura Cinematheque which presents a dual cinema function for the whole family. ‘An idea’ An animated short film about a man trying to fill his gray world with color. ‘Children of Heaven’ An Iranian drama about a couple from a poor family and the adventure of getting their lost shoes back. The projection will be on May 7 from 3:00 pm at Homeland and on December 6. Free admission until full capacity.

Demonstrate art

‘Down the hill’ Its a work National Dance Company of Ecuador Directed by Jorge Alcolya. This natural part explores the act of falling as a symbol and a mystery that resonates among people and their attraction to emptiness. Presentation May 7 at 7:00 PM Río Coca E10-59 and in Paris. Admission is free until full capacity.

Colina Abazo is a work directed by Jorge Alcolia of the Ecuadorian National Dance Company. Photo: Courtesy of CNDE

‘Remember the olive tree’ and ‘Pasilando’ Two works presented by the cast of the Ecuadorian Chamber Ballet and the Metropolitan Ballet. ‘Recordando El Olvido’ fuses different words that reflect our culture through Ecuadorian experiences and places, and ‘Pasilando’ is a work that takes a tour of the corridors of yesterday and today. On May 7 at 7:00 pm at the Casa de la Musicica concert, Valderrama N32-307 and Av. Mariana de Jesus 6

In the museum

Under the feet of the Tapirs: the gardeners of the forest An initiative of the Interactive Museum of Science and The zoo Quito. This is a workshop to learn more about these curious animals. 7 May at 11:00 on Cincinnati Street and on Maldonado Avenue.


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