Not all Mothers There are opportunities to share Work place With her children. Those who can do it enjoy it and fill it with their pride and laughter. That experience Jimena GrizalvaGeneral Manager of Vertmond and Mariana Sermiento, Manager Construction company Sermiento – RhodesTwo companies based in Quito.

The two women have been working on family projects with their children for several years. Throughout their lives, they have instilled family love in them by example; Work value; And through dialogue, communication and respect, any problems can be resolved, both in the family and in the workplace.

Although most of them are not too excited about the idea of ​​working with their mother, the children of this woman have been able to grow up professionally, have begun to fulfill their dreams and have been able to enjoy what they do as a family. Also, they create a source of employment for others.

In this journalistic note we will learn about them Activities And Challenge Being a mother, child, boss and co-worker at the same time.

‘You have to keep going, whatever it is, tomorrow will be better’

The desire to keep Clean environment And the idea of ​​a green planet was Joanna, the eldest of Jimena’s three children. The mother supported her daughter and thus Vertmond was born, a company dedicated to electronic waste management in Quito.

Jhona studied Environmental Engineering and became an expert in waste management. What he wanted was to avoid problems caused by electronic waste in the environment. “At the time, Ecuador had not yet talked about it, but it was already a global problem,” he said.

In 2009, he told his mother: “I can’t allow stories like Africa and India to be replicated in my country, where there are huge open air dumps for electronic waste. We need to do something.”

Her mother, although she knew nothing about waste management, told her “I support you”. But they just weren’t Words, Began to run all the legal processes to create the company and looked for the land where they would operate. It is Process His second daughter Belen also joined.

The Business It started work in January 2010. Everyone has an established role to play: Jimena is the manager and in charge of the financial part of the company; Joanna is in charge of the technical part, and Belen is in charge of human resources.

They remember when he was born Industry The three of them took care of everything from charging electronic devices to disconnecting the devices. “The first collection went to a private school in Quito. They called us and told us that we had electronic devices in one of the rooms, please take them away. It is up to us to carry all the equipment, ”said the entrepreneur.

After a while they hired two men to help them, but the company’s income was not enough to pay salaries and rent. The father of the family, who had always supported them, paid them for almost three years to pay their employees.

The Three entrepreneurs They admit that “at first it was difficult”. People didn’t want to get rid of their electronic devices, were they sorry or did they ask us how much they would pay me? “There are always difficulties, but I always push them both. We have to keep going, it doesn’t matter, tomorrow will be better and, thank God, we are doing better now, “Gimena said.

Now 21 people work in Vertmond, to get an evergreen world. The company is located in Quito Industrial Park.

‘We combine professionalism, experience and love’

Mariana Sermiento and her daughter Michelle Serrano work together at a construction company. Photo: Julio Estrella / EL Commerceo

The Construction company Sermiento Rhodes Born 28 years ago as one Family partnership. Shortly afterwards, Mariana Sermiento was given charge of the company and her three children joined the company for several years. “They went to work later Graduation From college, ”said the mother.

The oldest first to do so was Juan Pablo, 47. He studied civil engineering and began working with him on projects run by construction companies in Los Chilos and the Cumba Valley.

Later, his second son, 34-year-old Gustavo, joined. He followed the business administration and was dedicated to the financial part of the company. In 2020, Michelle, 27, the youngest, joined. He graduated as an architect and began working with his family.

“It’s nice and important for me to work with them because we all follow the same goal. It’s a family business that implies more responsibility for everyone. My kids’ occupations fit perfectly into the construction company, ”Mariana said.

He added that treatment is always with love. “Sometimes I can be energetic, but it is not often, because they are very professional in what they do.”

Of the three children with whom he spends the most time Michelle, Since they live in the same house and also share the work area. Gustavo also lives with his mother, but has other activities. “I live with my two unmarried children. We have breakfast, we have lunch, we spend all our time together, ”said the mother with a happy smile.
Mariana and Michelle work from planning to project implementation. “We combine professionalism, experience and love.”

In Family meeting Talking about work is inevitable, but Michelle says it’s good to share. “There is always faith and affection. “Sometimes there are differences of opinion and an agreement has to be reached for the good of all.”

Her children call her ‘Mami’ at home and in the company and she assures him that she will always be there to support or guide them in everything they need. “My experience makes it easier for me to be supportive of my children and company.”

No matter the construction company, everyone agrees Schedule And with plans and established goals.

Currently, the Business It has 60 collaborators and is running it Housing complex Located in Santorini, Nayón, and Prados del Valle, Los Chilos.

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