Marcos Cobos, the manager of Ecuador, was captured by the Amazon community in Morona Santiago. Photo: Video Capture

Mark Cobos, Manager of Morona Santiago, Ecuador, was detained for more than 18 hours. It was the night of June 29th Release In the center maces.

The officer was arrested Tuesday, June 27 at 6:00 p.m. Indigenous national leaders From Morona. Was distributed to its members Family.

Cobos noted that he was not abused, although they threw chili-mixed water at him before deciding to arrest him.

It was learned that tribal leaders had hinted that the official was being held to pressure the government to accept the resignation of the governor of that province.

After independence, it was also expected that protesters would be allowed to create a humanitarian corridor to provide access to food, medicine and other supplies.

At least 800 indigenous peoples have occupied the Pilisurko hills in #Ambato. Community members leave Tungurahua and Kotopaxi without TV, radio and communication services. Https://

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