The Metropolitan Public Company From I drink water And Sanitation (Epmaps-Agua de Quito), announced through a statement, is one of the pillars Rain plan Which will be implemented for the preventive maintenance of this 2022 CollectorImprovement, construction and expansion Drain Upstairs Capital.

One of the main actions to be taken is to be able to guarantee Efficiency These systems reduce risk Flood Or Collapsed Of the existing network due to the winter season.

On Quito Method Sewer Consists of 847 kilometers Collector 4,643 km in the main and its secondary network. About 84 underground collectors (52 km) have been installed in the city since 2000, Investment Approximately USD 100 million.

Planning and cost

This year epmaps Mentioned that it plans to invest USD 2.3 million in a program consisting of four jobs: Collector Eloy AlfaroParish Panama; Interceptor broken road section Simon Bolivar – Santo Domingo Creek; Between sewer and sanitary interceptor Tumbako And The building A collector discharge energy sinks School.

The total cost of the work is USD 14.1 million. In its construction Sanitary interceptor On Tumbako An investment of USD 6.7 million is being considered; Alloy Alfaro Collector, USD 5 million; Work that will be carried in the creek The road They cost USD 1.1 million and downloads for the El Collegio collection are USD 1.2 million.

The Rain plan Consisting of 3 axes, one of the main halls To clean From SinksFor which USD 1.3 million has been allocated, other aspects need to be addressed Maintenance From Broken And systems Sewer From the city Quito.

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