A consignment of drugs was to be sent to Europe by container. Photo: National Police

The National Police Made a Operative It is Canton Duran Where Swallowed About half a ton Drugs.

It has been identified as a result of the anti-drug campaign Collection Center Of controlled substances. According to police sources, the criminal organization In contaminated containers With the medicine, which was sent Europe.

According to The police, The field team arrived at the parking lot of a house, where there was a container. Inside, authorities found 406 rectangular packages that contained a white substance.

During the field analysis, it was determined that it was cocaine, which weighed 900 lbs. The operation is over One person was arrested For investigation

Vehicles with hidden bogies

In another expedition to the province GuasPolice arrested six civilians named Zeus 3, allegedly involved Alkaloid trafficking.

Authorities searched a car in a mechanic’s shop. They found it Incognito 140 rectangular packages with the legendary diesel, which contained cocaine. Weight was 139 kg including 300 g.

I know Hold on Two cars and eight cell phones, as well as cash.

A. The third operativeAlso in Guas, Allowed the arrest of a vehicle where a hidden bogie with drugs in 55 blocks was found. The total was 53 kg, including 680 g of cocaine hydrochloride.


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