More than a thousand people They protested This Tuesday New York Against the potential Canceled Of Straight From Abortion Inside America By the Supreme Court, it was leaked on Monday night that one of its judges had adversely responded to the draft.

The protest, led by state prosecutor Letitia James, was called by several people to the central plaza in Foley Square. Organization Pro-abortion and promotion Social media By former Democratic Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who called for “turning anger into action.”

The crowd, mostly women but very diverse and of all ages, is demanding green banners. “Abortion On demand and without apology “and home-made signs that read” Never again “,” Abortion is being cured “or” Take your veto off our bodies “.

James spoke on that condition, revealing that he had endured one Abortion When a planned parent clinic Is working Upstairs Town Hall And the author of the leaked draft shouted against Judge Samuel Alito: “I will not let him tell me or anyone how to use my body.”

Apart from the prosecutor, other Md Political representatives And several workers carry microphones To protect The Straight From AbortionIncluding actress Amy Schumer; Music about “Suffs,” about suffragettes; A rabbi and a priest or Presidency Of the local association Nurse.

Norie Roast, leader of the NYC Organization for Ethical Culture, told IFEC that the group and another organization, Rise Up, were raising funds to support women’s initiatives. Limited state With abortion so that they can come to New York and get the service protected by law.

The Organizer Hand out a plan outline poster and flyer for the National Week Action“Starting on Sunday, May 14 turned into a national protest, and people were encouraged to move forward to save. Reproductive rights.

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