Referential image. Peru is in Qatar for organ donation in this region. Photo: Top Physician

A total of 721 people are waiting Peru To improve or save his life for a kidney transplant, for which the Ministry of Health has launched a Campaign Raise awareness about Organ donation Before its National Day, which is celebrated this Monday, May 23, 2022.

The Kidney The most requested organs on the waiting list for transplantation in the Andean country, according to published data Ministry of Health.

In general, awareness is low To practiceSince Peru has less than one donor per million inhabitants, the data added.

Before the epidemic, two to three people per million inhabitants agreed to donate them Limbs And, currently, that number has dropped to 0.7 donors per million inhabitants.

Peru is in Qatar Organ donation In this region, since, according to the Latin American Transplant Registry, in Cuba, the rate is 13.9 donors per million inhabitants, in Argentina it is 13.6 and in Uruguay 13.2.

Through the Ministry of Health, General Directorate of Donations, Transplants and Blood Banks (digdot), Said that in 2019, 189 kidneys were transplanted.

But, from the beginning of the epidemic Covid-19These figures have been reduced: 50 in 2020, 49 in 2021, and only 20 interventions so far in 2022.

In Peru, donations cannot be made if the deceased’s family opposes organ donation. ReplacementFor which Digdot advises exposing the population to the nearest environment, “the desire to be an organ and tissue donor, which may be reflected (National Identity Card) Signing of DNI, Driving License or Consent for Grants Act.

For this reason and in the framework of the National Day to improve the statistics of this grant, the Ministry of Health has organized the “Lima Core 6K” race for this Sunday 22nd May, where more than 800 people have already registered, including Transplant patients And their families.

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