More than 15 Experts National and international participation in it Surgery Which has occurred in Maternal uterus A baby 25 weeks of gestation, with a diagnosis spina bifida.

This intervention is carried out metrofraternity. Mother and child, from WomanFunded by the Foundation and Quito Metropolitan Hospital.

The surgical intervention, which lasted about five hours, corrected the baby’s spina bifida.

This condition is one Distortion Of Neural tube Because the spinal column and the overlapping tissue do not close.

This is the reason Spine Is exposed and suffers damage which will affect the health of the girl. Depending on its size and the position of the spine, it can cause permanent damage Method Nervous Baby, so she can undergo several surgeries in the first years of her life.

However, if the surgery Precise moments – Inside the maternal uterus – There is a great possibility of closing the layers of tissue (muscle and skin) covering the spinal cord.

This prevents children from getting ParaplegicsDevelopment HydrocephalusAmong other things, the foundation said in a statement.

Timely diagnosis

The case was caught a Routine check That happened to the mother, the mother of the child Woman.

The woman went there after consulting with several doctors Quito Have to Test Where they have confirmed the matter Diagnosis. In the capital, he was referred to the Fetal Metromedicine Unit of the Metropolitan Hospital.

Dr. Diana Canizer, an expert on maternal-fetal medicine, explains that most of these successes Surgery Consists of a stay Successful diagnosis.

In Fetal Metromedicine Unit It was determined that this was a case of myelomeninosil type spina bifidar and from there Surgical plan.

This was included in the plan National experts And International Led by Dr. Maria Belen Nito, a fetal surgeon from Ecuador, and Dr. Jorge Guterres, a fetal surgeon from Colombia.

Together with them, a team of more than 15 specialists in fetal surgery, pediatric neurosurgery, anesthesiology, nursing and surgical instruments intervened.

According to the detailed information, Dr. Scientific research Spina bifida can be corrected by surgical surgery, at most, until Week 26 From Pregnancy.

Before this Amniotic fluid Start generating Chemical damage The exposed spinal cord and the baby itself, along with its normal movements in the womb, affect the exposed nerves.

In the case of Moira’s child, Ailana Victoria, d Identification Y. Diagnosis It was performed in the 23rd week of pregnancy and the surgery was performed in the 25th week

Complex surgery

The Complications This Surgery It is based on the fact that doctors must make a cut like this one Cesarean section To remove the mother’s uterus, perform a Ultrasound To find out where the baby is and position it in such a way that when the uterus is cut, Injury OK in the center of the opening.

Amniotic fluid is removed and stored so that fetal neurosurgeons can work and cover the exposed spinal area.

At the end, the amniotic fluid is replaced, all the incisions are sutured and The uterus So that in the womb Pregnancy Its normal development can continue.

This Surgery The first step Recovery Ailana, with which her birthday begins Rehabilitation Y. Physiotherapy.

After the intervention, the child will come as the fourth sister in the marriage, formed from a low-income family of Mayra and Giovanni. Portoviejo.

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