In recent days, a new outbreak of this virus has been recorded. Photo: EFE

The World Organization Of Health There is caution in this case Smallpox Of Bow Has been detected in United Kingdom From May 6, 2022.

So far seven patients have been registered Illness In the country, four people are identified as “homosexual, bisexual or male” Sexual intercourse With MenAccording to the British Health Safety Agency (UKHSA).

MonkeyPix is ​​a Unusual illnessWhich has a structure related to the smallpox virus and causes a cause Similar diseasesBut usually mild.

Although it can be assumed that primates do not People The species is the cause Virus Of Smallpox Of BowThe reservoir is still unknown, and potential candidates are Little rat That bus Tropical forests Africa, especially in the western and central parts of the continent.

According to Merck Sharp and Dohme (MSD) medical manuals, this is probably the case Smallpox Of Bow Is transmitted from Animals Through body fluids, co Drops of saliva Or through or in contact with the respiratory tract Emit Of one Wounds.

Apparently Infection Person-to-person transmission is thought to be dysfunctional and primarily through large respiratory tract infections. Communication Chronic face

“The overall secondary incidence rate after contact with a documented human source is 3%, and the incidence rate among individuals living with a patient infected with the virus is 50%. Smallpox Of Bow“, Refer to the manual.

As a result of this scenario, the WHO is on alert and trying to clarify the outbreak in the UK. “We are watching Transmission Come in Men Those who have sex with men, which is “new information that we need to study properly to better understand the dynamics of infection”, says Ibrahima Sosey Fall, Deputy Director General WHO For its intervention Urgent.

Another person in charge of the organization, Maria Van Kerkhov, noted that it works “very closely” with the European Center. Control From Disease And to conduct a “follow-up exercise” and “assess the source of her infection (…)” with the British Health Protection Agency.

According to experts, not currently Proven treatment And safe for this disease. However, potentially beneficial drugs include the antiviral drug Tecovirimet (approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of smallpox) and the antiviral drug Sidofovir or Brincidofovir (CMX001).

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