Two physicians in protective clothing. Monkeypox has spread to Europe and America. Photo: Rolex de la Pena / EFE

The Hague. EFE (I)

The European Medicine Agency (EMA) is analyzing the potential Treatment Y. The vaccine is available Against Monkey poxAfter identifying dozens of cases in Europe in recent days, and confirming that there are data showing that smallpox vaccines can “prevent” monkeypox People.

A source in the scientific community explained that EMA To give “ready” advice European Union (EU) To address this “urgent problem” and an emergency working group is “examining possible treatments and available vaccines” and MonkeyPix will “consider and advise on the need for further clinical investigations”.


“The EMA has previously evaluated two drugs, including the possibility of use against monkeypox, which are currently approved in the EU,” the source said. One is the antiviral Tacovirimet SIGA, which has a mode of action on the spread of viral particles in the body that limits and prevents it, thus slowing the spread of infection and is approved for the treatment of smallpox, cowpox and monkeys.

It is used Adults Y. Kids Weighs at least 30 pounds, is available as an oral capsule and dosage depends on body weight, although Treatment It should be started as soon as possible after diagnosis. Them Harmful side Is Pain From Head Y. Feeling sick.

Other preparations mentioned by EMA are ImvanexLicensed vaccines to protect against smallpox in adults, for which there is information Resistance Of Monkeypox among animals.

“Data have been collected in the past, which show that smallpox vaccine can prevent monkeypox in humans,” the source added. It is given in two doses at least 28 days apart.

However, the EMA limits itself to ACAM2000, another vaccine licensed America Against the monkeypox, “not currently approved in the EU”, but he did not confirm whether he would like to review the data related to this injection, which is conducted as a preparation for vaccination. Area Leather

Them Management Because a Injury Instead Injection And Virus Both inoculated can spread to other parts Body Like other people, so it needs to be accepted Caution To avoid Infectious.

Following the case of MonkeyPix reported in some European countries, there is also EMA Communication With the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), Which performs an Follow-up Of the situation Epidemiological In Europe, as well as with the European Commission.

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