Aiming to celebrate 83 years of life, the iconic boxing club of San Juan will hold a festival this Friday with amateur and professional fights.

This Friday at 9:00 pm the Calle Mendoza is scheduled for eight fights at the club’s headquarters at 612 (N), with the background fight being professional between Federico Benitez of San Juan and Christian Cortez from Cordoba.

Earlier, 7 fights between amateur boxers will be held, four of which will be inter-provincial.

The details of the fight are as follows:

Valentina Fernandez (SJ) vs. Celeste Pedraza (CBA) up to 48 kg.

Tadeo Castro (SJ) vs. Matias Herrera (CBA) up to 60 kg

Leandro Rodriguez (SJ) vs. Pedro Lopez (CBA) up to 69 kg

Gonzalo Aroze (S) vs. Luciano Ramirez (Mza) up to 60 kg

Although Carlos Herrera’s opponent has not yet been confirmed, it will be known tomorrow, but it must be Mendoza’s side.

There will be amateur fights between Sanjuanino:

Gabriela Page (San Damian) vs. Vanessa Aguilera (Impact Box).

Radon Manrique (Mokoroa) vs. Matthias Sermiento (Leonardo Martinez School)

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