He finished second in the 1,500m at Birmingham, behind Kenya’s Abel Kipsang. Adel Mechal finished sixth in the same test

Kipsang, forward Katir.
Kipsang, forward Katir.Andrew YatesEFE

There were several Spaniards in Birmingham in the second round of the Diamond League: nine. It is not so often in similar fights. And some did very well. Especially Mohammad KatirWin about 1,500 per second (3: 35.62) Abel Kipsang (3: 35.15). In close combat with other athletes, Adel Mechal Fight until the last minute for third place. And, sixth (3: 35.93), he is held by the Australian, staying close to him Oliver Howare (3: 35.6). Ignatius fontes, 3: 37.66 with tenth, clearer than Dohar, one second less. Go, logically, more.

After the sign of gradual exit from the house, Martinez of AsiaIt then swallowed the track, only in the 110m hurdles, including 13.32, before the two Jamaicans bowed down to the event: the Olympic champion in Tokyo, Hansley Parchment (13.09), and gold in Rio, Omar McLeod (13.17). Here’s a hotspot hardler for next year.

Parchment’s record was the best of the season that had just begun. Same as German 7.09 Malaika Mihambo, The current queen of specialty, long jump. And of 4.73 Sandy Morris (United States) in the polar vault. And Etop 14: 47.55 Dawit Seyum About 5,000 of those who came to learn our novels Carla Gallardo, Marta Garcia and Cristina Ruiz. They all comfortably lose their best personal records. Gallardo was eighth with 15: 10.62, which puts him fourth in the Spanish rankings. Garcia (15: 28.55), XI. And Ruiz (15: 34.49), fourteenth.

Garcia’s bad moment

All those world primates of the year will be improved on the next date. However, Slovenia’s 71.27 discus throw will be difficult to beat. Christian Sih, A young man of 23 years, height 2.06 and weight 120 kg. His record was the highlight of a rally where, at 800 meters, even the youngest (20 years old) British Kylie Hodgkinson, Which glides down the track easily and gracefully. I relaxed at 1: 58.63.

Mariano Garcia, Our 800-meter indoor world champion, far from his ideal form. He had a hard time with Kovid and he was trying to look like himself. He won the tenth and final (1: 48.77) comfortably by the Canadians Marco Arp Including 1: 45.41.

I also won easily Laura MuirReliable Scottish, 1,500 in 4: 02.81, incl Martha Prez Sixth with 4: 07.93. In Discus Throw, the event’s strongest dominant in recent years, the Croatian played to win the 67m Sandra ParkovichSecond with 67.26, and the one who fired him, the champion in Tokyo, American Valerie AlmanIncluding the owner of a lightning whiplash and the first 67.85.

The weaker numbers are clearly improving for Canadians from the next competition Aaron Brown At 100 m (10.13), after disqualification Trevor Bromel (United States) and British Journal Hughes. Also for other British, Matthew Hudson-Smith At 400 (45.32) or, speaking of the British and the compound title Smith, will 11:11 go down in history? Dina Asher-Smith 100 in women. Not even the Americans 54.54 Dolilah Muhammad In 400 barriers. Even less Canadian 2.28 Django Love Jump high, forward Giancarlo Tamberry (2.25).

Diamond League’s next appointment, 28, in Eugene.

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