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Ecuador will take part in it The Bolivarian Games 2022 in Valledupar With a delegation of over a hundred athletes and budget 900,000More than allocated in the last edition of this regional event, the Sports Minister assured, Sebastian Palacios.

“With a budget of 900,000 USD, this is enough to carry a significant delegation of more than 100 athletes. Chances of getting a medal Bolivarian Games “, the head of the sports portfolio revealed in an interview with Efe.

It came out in response to a statement issued last month Ecuador Olympic Committee (COE)Which criticized the country for reducing its delegation to the 2022 Bolivarian Games in Valledupar, Colombia, due to allegations. Budget cuts Determined by the Government of Ecuador.

The Ecuador Olympic Association assures that the nominated sport represents “40% less than the requested valueBy COE, and will have a significant impact on it Number of members of the delegation Ecuadorian.

However, the Minister argued that in connection with the Bolivarian Games held in Santa Marta (Colombia) in 2017, when the Ecuadorian government allocated USD 700,000, this time USD 200,000 increased Budget

And he justified that with the 70 70 million budget reserved for high performance and the coincidence of at least four important events in this 2022 Olympics and world calendar, it could not be more.

“Usually there is one game a year, but this year we have four games, added to the World Championships and in each discipline, which forces us. Be very responsible with assignments Those so that public resources The USD could reach 70 million in the next three yearss, “says Palacios.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Bolivarians.This is COE who technically defines The federations with which sports are more likely. “

The XIX Bolivarian Sports Games will be held in Caesar’s Capital by 2022. June 24 to July 5, 2022.

Dr. presented the budget In September 2021, the COE estimated USD 1.4 million for that appointment And 455 athletes participated in 29 sports, including soccer, handball, basketball, baseball, rowing, rugby and softball.

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