The Ministry of Energy organized a socialization rally for the 13th Intracampus II oil round at the Sukumbios Venue. Photo courtesy

The Ministry of Energy This May 17, 2022 reported that they have started the socialization assembly of the thirteenth Intracampus oil round IIIts surroundings succumbs. The purpose is to report search methods in tendered areas.

The process of socialization began in April with the collection of social data Communities From the sphere of influence of the six blocks: Tete Sur, Saiva, Tamya, VHR Oste, VHR East and Lumbakui, which are part of the Intracampos II round.

There are socialization episodes 45 dialogue venues. The purpose of the government is to inform about the methods of exploration and development Area for tender. This phase was carried out before the introduction of national and international tenders for the Intracampus II oil round.

In this context, they started Day of socialization Thirteenth Intracampos II Oil Round, Sucumbios, More Presence 500 inhabitants San Francisco, Alma Ecuadoriana, Simon Bolivar, Arenas and El Reventador belong to the Gonzalo Pizarro region of Paris.

According to the ministry, the blocks that will be tendered in the round have been established for the areas designated for National Protected Areas. This indicates that the state of Ecuador will guarantee unlimited compliance with it Environmental regulations.

This is to create a “model of industry development in line with the realities and expectations of the population surrounding the project’s impact areas”.

The Intracampus oil round II It assumes the capture of capital that will be invested by private companies. These resources will be earmarked for the development of programs such as social work and the fight against chronic child malnutrition.

Schedule of socialization

The process under the Ministry of Energy, through the Under-Secretary of Territory and Environmental Monitoring, sets a timetable for May 14-28, 2022.

Wants to cover more than that 150 communesCommunities, peoples and indigenous nationalities surround the six blocks mentioned.

In the first days of work, six meetings were held “with the participation of the mayor, members of the parish council, political lieutenants, and Community representative, Strictly respecting the right to consent and access to information and including social actors to create space for dialogue ”, assures the Energy Portfolio.

President William Lasso He reiterated this Tuesday, during his weekly link, that his government aims to double oil production from 500,000 barrels per day to one million in the medium term.

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