The Minister of the Interior, Patricio Carrillo, reported to the full session of the Assembly on the drug cartel operating in Ecuador. Photo: Flickr National Assembly

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Home Minister, Patrick CarrilloReveal that in Ecuador Not just work Posters Of the drug Colombia Y. MexicoBut also Europe Y. Asia. This time he assured that Violent death Has been reduced by Guas, woman Y. EmeraldWith Condition From Exception Which has been in effect since 30 April.

Carillo attended the plenary session this Wednesday, May 18, 2022 Assembly With this balance. He is therefore accompanied by its dome The police National.

In this context, he asserted that “the organization or Posters That already exists Ecuadorian societyNot just the traditional Colombian-Mexican ones, but European, Asian poster

The Minister considers that the operations of these groups are “subject to certain principles which must be reviewed, e.g. Politics To allow Access From Any citizenFrom any nationality Territory of Ecuador

Among other activities, he explained that the government would invest USD 1.2 billion in civil protection and that it was committed to strengthening processes. International cooperation. But he also called on the legislature to work Reform As The law of progressive use of energy.

“Organized crime has forced the state to create a new way of thinking about security and demands the modernization and strengthening of security policies, in particular. Criminal policyThe Immigration policyThe Politics From Of drugsFrom TransparencyFrom Social rehabilitation“, Said.

Carillo maintained that the rise in crime was due to structural problems and even the education system, as he noted that most people were killed or detained. ” Young people “Those who were born in the late 90’s and early 2000’s are now 22 and 23 years old.”

Statistics on violence in Ecuador

Assured that Guas, woman Y. EmeraldThey were one Increase Its indicative ViolenceWith dozens Violent death Every day, but with the state of emergency decree for this area, the daily average is no more than six.

The Secretary of State noted that the government intends to unveil a comprehensive security plan for cities, e.g. Ambato, Quenca, Loja, Ibarra, Machala Y. Quivedo, Which will focus on resistance. He also mentioned that the problem goes through Inequality And the inequalities that affect Canton.

When his presence ended, the MPs started arguing Critic Towards government security policy. The correísta bench of the Unión por la Esperanza (Unes) indicated that they were not satisfied with the officer’s interpretation; Blasco Moon Y. Zahira Uresta They also assured him that he would have to answer for the delivery Tear gas bomb In Bolivia, during the previous government.

“Citizens are waiting for answers and steps to address insecurity. Let’s not forget that the current minister was involved in the October 2019 crackdown and there is a mechanism in place to supply tear gas bombs to Bolivia, “Luna said.

President of the Security Commission, Ramiro Norvez (ID), saying that “there is still a lack of leadership and activism in the executive branch” in the face of such problems Prison crisis. “The assembly has submitted a report with more than 120 recommendations to all state institutions. There is no need for 95% legal reform, ”he said.

Fernando Villavicencio (Independent) noted that criminal groups have “agreed to try to bring the state, police and armed forces to their knees”, although lawmakers are incapable. Agreement For your work.

“We have been waiting for a year for the law to be enforced. We are indebted to civil society. A law must be enacted to prevent the state from kneeling in the face of organized crime, “said Villavicencio.

Norway replied that the report would be ready this weekend for a second debate on the law.

Finally, at the initiative of UNES, the plenary approved a resolution which, among other things, determined that the executive function had failed to prepare a national plan for civil security, for which it demanded that it be sent to the legislature immediately. . The text was approved with 94 abstentions and abstentions from 19 ruling parties.

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